VR Training Offer

Companies introduce a lot of training for their employees. However, if the team is spread or a company has many branches in different countries, organizing training is definitely not easy. This is where virtual reality technology comes to the rescue.

We have created a VR training offer for companies that want to facilitate the task of crew training and divided it into individual types of training so that it is easier to find what you are looking for.

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Soft Skills Training

Close sales faster! Soft skills training increases the competencies of the employees, making them more effective and more aware. We rely on proven training methodologies.



Onboarding Training

Stay ahead of the competition, gain returning customers. Boost your e-commerce sales, increase customer engagement and take your sales to the next level.

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Training for Manufacturing

Show your products and their details professionally. 3D product configurators and visualization are a modern tool that attracts customers attention and increase sales.

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VR Safety Training

VR Safety Training supports learning and practical experiences: e.g. working at heights, fire alarm. Use VR technology to train employees more effectively.

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Hard Skills and Vocational

Introduce a new employee to the company quickly and effectively thanks to VR Onboarding Training. Learning through the experience with VR solutions. No more time-consuming training.

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VR Language Training

VR Language Training supports employees in developing language skills. Join companies that effectively train their employees around the world.

A new solution for business: VR Training Platform

VR / AR training applications

The benefits of implementing VR / AR training applications should be broadly understood. They are engaging training tools, suitable for people entering the labor market. What is more, virtual simulations also support time savings and can be widely applied in various companies. Both large global corporations and companies which belong to the SME sector have been not only testing but have already successfully implemented VR and AR applications.

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