Software Project Rescue & Support

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Things are not going as planned?

When developing software things may not always go as expected. If you feel like either the results aren’t there, the project is flawed, or it’s way behind schedule, make sure to drop us a line!
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Why you might need software project rescue and support services

Poor planning of a project

Poor planning

  • Project gone significantly over budget.
  • Developers are way behind schedule.
  • Service provider can’t deliver what was promised.
Poor execution of a Software Project

Poor execution

  • Software not working or performing poorly.
  • Performance issues – lags and crashes.
  • Major flaws in security systems.
  • Bad or outdated programming language.
Poor execution of a Software Project

Reviving abandoned project

  • Developers going out of business.
  • Lack of interoperability.
  • Old tech stack, or target platform.
Poor planning of a project

Software shortcomings

  • Poor user experience – unintuitive, bad UI.
  • Basic functionalities are missing, not fit for its intended purpose.
  • Software lacks scalability or scaling is slow and labor-intensive.

Why should you choose 4Experience over its competitors?

  • Our Project Managers and Team Leaders are experts at creating well-thought schedules and executing them. At the same time, they’re flexible and resourceful.
  • A team of industry veterans – developers and designers – will be assigned to your project. They all have different skills and expertise and together make a truly versatile team
  • Our R&D department is always available if needed. Should your project face any technical barriers, our R&D team will research ways to overcome them.
  • We’re motivated to deliver high-end solutions that make real impacts. It’s our personal mission to make your project a success.
  • Our clients are always satisfied. Multiple positive reviews prove that we are indisputably trustworthy.

How we can help - our core competencies

We are a group of specialists focused on immersive technologies and software development. Thanks to our vast experience and extensive knowledge gathered throughout the years, we can support your failing computer project and perform a software project rescue mission.

We know how to rebuild broken source code or rewrite it, tweaking performance, adding features, recovering lost code, improving security and design. Our team of professionals can help you transfer your application to a different platform, improve code quality to make it more transparent and test the product. Finally, we’re here to complete unfinished projects and create work plans for projects that went over budget or are behind schedule.

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The process of Software Project Rescue

Software project rescue process

We divided the software project recovery process into 6 simple steps.

1. Evaluation
First, our experts will assess your project, its development stage, deficiencies and your requirements.

2. Project recovery plan
Next, we’ll propose a reasonable and realistic work plan. In this stage, we will inform you what can be achieved and how we plan to do it. We are always open to suggestions and improvements.

3. Recovery & development
Once we agree on a plan, we’ll begin working on your project (either fixing it or developing) with our team of expert Project Managers, Software Developers, Programmers, Graphic Designers and more.

4. Quality assurance & testing stage
After completing its development, your project will be passed on to our QA Testers, who will perform a thorough check for bugs simultaneously fixing any inconsistencies. 

5. Final feedback and launch
Finally, we present you with the results and await your feedback. After final revision – if needed – your product is ready for launch!

6. Post-development support & maintenance
Depending on your individual needs, 4Experience can offer further support and maintenance of your project. This includes adding new features, creating patches and system migration.

The process of Software Project Rescue

What our customers say about using our products and services

They are extremely knowledgeable about VR

4Experience helped plan the app, an employee training tools for banks and developed multiple demos. Their level of knowledge and responsiveness, as well as excellent price / quality ratio, was key. They`re also very responsive to inquires and turn around budgets for us very quickly. We can clearly rely on them.

Martin De Santos CEO Tipi Tap, USA

Great engagement for the users

The apps worked on by 4Experience have received very positive press coverage and great engagement from the users. Their team focuses on being extremely good at what they do while their project managers maintain open and daily communication about progress and goals.

Alexander De Ridder CTO NEXREF

Their work made a great impression on us

4Experience was recommended to us by word of mouth and the quality of their work was widely acclaimed. The AR apps and VR rooms 4Experience developed were innovative and visually stunning. Their team kept everyone up to date with milestones. Their detail-oriented approach and ability to meet difficult challenges were impressive.

Paweł Pryszcz CMO Spetech

They are always available

They are always available and extremely knowledgeable in the field of AR/VR development. Despite tight deadlines, 4Experience pulled through with a high-quality end product. The team was proactive throughout development.

Maciej Cader Head of Rapid Prototyping PIAP Institute

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