Virtual reality training for manufacturing

Virtual reality training for manufacturing can help avoid dangerous situations when used as a tool supporting the safety of workplaces.

Use AR and VR technologies to train employees faster and more effectively

Regular refreshment of employees’ knowledge through hard skills training generates costs. What’s worse, it causes downtime at work and also diverts the attention of more experienced employees from their daily routine.
Virtual reality definitely accelerates the improvement of employees’ qualifications by realistically reflecting the workplace. Importantly, the true commitment of employees results in greater attractiveness of training and greater efficiency in remembering.

Both technologies (AR&VR) support broadly understood effectiveness by shortening the time of employee training – thanks to the simulation, we learn faster and we also remember better. VR training for manufacturing is also extremely useful if the work to be performed by a new employee is to take place in a hazardous area, such as high-voltage switchgear or large construction sites.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are more and more often used in the practice of companies representing the industry sector. This applies to both manufacturing and service companies.

Your benefits

+ 68%

more employee involvement

Higher attractiveness of training and a higher level of remembering. Replace theory with intriguing practice.

+ 59%

increasing training effectiveness

Teach and deploy employees to new positions faster. Place your crew right in the middle of the action.

+ 53%


Prepare your whole team by using one VR training. Muscle memory will help them perform tasks faster.

Increase work efficiency and quality with AR

Visualization of variables resulting from selected parameters of device or machine settings allows you to verify these settings faster, and thus increases the efficiency of work and activities performed by people using AR. The same applies to quality, where we can use glasses as a tool to support control and compliance of a technological process, and in relation to the employee, allows checking his knowledge of production processes in a specific position.

No more causing machine or equipment downtime or distracting a more experienced employee from work to train a new colleague. VR training for manufacturing definitely increases work efficiency.

Benefits of using the VR training in your company

  • Prevent industrial accidents, occupational illnesses or work-related health risks by visualizing the consequences of deliberately ignoring safety rules.
  • Accelerate the process of onboarding by implementing customized scenarios, including step-by-step guides of do’s and dont’s at the workplace.
  • Map the production hall – even if it’s still under construction in the real world – then train employees to operate the machines and devices that will be in it.
  • Replace eight-inch-thick binders full of detailed procedures with highly immersive simulations of real work conditions.
  • Virtual Reality Training is available in any language needed – as a result, you can hire worldwide!
  • Save time and lower the costs of training!

Experience a smooth collaboration with our simple process

  • Over the years, 4Experience has developed a methodology for cooperation with clients, which is adapted to individual projects depending on the company’s needs. We begin with a business analysis to thoroughly understand the concept & objectives of the project. Once we do it, we share our thoughts and experience with you. Together we’ll shape your idea into something more.

  • We will map the flow of the app and build the prototype with key aspects to validate the concept with end-users and investors.

  • Using Agile methodology we will be incrementally released you another pieces of the app to test it and make improvements base on your suggestions. Our concept is to deliver the best quality possible. Every application made by 4Experience’s team is carefully tested on each stage of development by an experienced QA tester. As a result, we can assure you that our applications meet the highest quality standards.

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