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Virtual reality – train smarter, not harder

Having a hard time finding skilled employees? Standard training methods aren’t bringing results? Or do you want to reduce training costs and optimize the process?

Using XR technologies (VR & AR), we can create high-quality training platforms and simulations that feel realistic and are genuinely engaging. Teach your employees using a hands-on approach and increase their knowledge retention.

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Interesting statistics


According to FinancesOnline, people who take part in VR training have a knowledge retention of up to 75%. The value for audiovisual learning is 20%.


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CEO of Upskill, a GE Ventures-backed company, talks about a 34% increase in productivity when using XR glasses.



Engineers at Lockheed Martin working with F-35 fighter jets work 30% faster and with up to 96% accuracy when using AR glasses. Source: Popular Mechanics.


The quality of the apps was outstanding. The team modeled every single detail with such accuracy that the simulations feel lifelike. They were always supportive and understanding, even with the large scope of work we entrusted them with. 

Their workflow was exceptional. Although the project grew as it progressed, 4Experience demonstrated an incredible ability to pack a lot of quality features in a rather narrow time frame.

Piotr Frandzel, IT Specialist at DPD Polska SP. z o.o.
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Top benefits of VR manufacturing training

Reduce the skills gap. Effectively train your employees in safety and hard skills with one easy-to-operate VR platform. Maximize performance.

Systematize the training process. Make it more efficient, self-sufficient and repeatable.

Prevent industrial accidents. VR training allows trainees to visualize the consequences of ignoring safety rules. This leaves a lasting impression.

Train your employees remotely. With VR & AR, you can train your employees wherever they are. All they need is a headset.



Reduce costs. Pay for developing the application once and use it an unlimited amount of times.

Easily assess skills. A customizable quiz at the end of each lesson will let you easily track your employees’ progress.

Projects from our portfolio

Tauron training in VR

Professional Skills Training for TAURON

This was a project for Tauron – a large company from the energy sector. Our client needed a VR work simulator that would familiarize the employees with the workplace and the specifics of the equipment, thus allowing them to do the right thing based on the orders received from a supervisor.

The aim was to provide a safe step-by-step training course for a team that deals with risky activities. The challenge, though, was to move from strictly paper-based training to one that would best reflect real-life conditions that the workers are likely to face.

Virtual mine project by 4Experience

VR Mine Safety Training

Our client has the largest coal extraction potential in the European Union. The company hires almost 45,000 employees, and the mining areas of their mines cover more than 650 square km.

As a key partner in building the energy security of Poland, the client asked us to develop a VR mine training app that decreases the number of underground accidents. One of their miners entered the transmission belt, which unexpectedly moved, grabbed him and threw in a machine that smeared his leg, causing death.

Arkadiusz Kwaśny, our co-founder

Arek is a software professional with 20 years of commercial experience in IT services such as web, mobile, games, VR, AR and AI.

He is passionate about solving clients’ challenges, always looking to provide added value to the relationship. In his work, Arek provides insights and leadership that connect the IT world with business.

In 2005 he co-founded Selleo – a web development house.
In 2015 he co-founded 4Experience – a Virtual Reality Studio.

An expert's opinion

Virtual reality in manufacturing is the future

Engaging employees in training is not easy. Employees often have prejudices and are not that eager to participate in another boring training.

However, virtual reality gives us the opportunity to create high-quality training and simulations that are increasingly real and truly engaging.

How about digital factories? It is possible to create a virtual world of factories even now. And to connect it to the real world to optimize the work environment. The standard of data exchange protocols between devices remains a challenge.

Arkadiusz Kwaśny

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