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VR development will allow you to create unusual solutions at the highest level. From concept & design to VR development and support!

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Inspiring VR projects we developed

DPD VR Training

VR Coal Mine Safety Training
In order to prevent the number of underground accidents our client asked to develop a specific VR mine training app.

DPD VR Training

DPD Onboarding Training
The project involved moving from strictly paper-based training to VR training app that would best reflect the reality that the worker would face in the future.

DPD VR Training

VR Training For Flight Deck Officers
VR Training for Flight Deck Officers allows near-reality level training in various scenarios on a helicopter deck.

DPD VR Training

VR Forest App
Magura National Park wanted our VR/AR studio to develop a VR Forest experience, which let its visitors experience nature's beauty at night.

DPD VR Training

VR Shopping Experience
Future is digital. Digital is bringing the new level of engagement and e-commerce experience.

DPD VR Training

Starship Survivor VR Game
A startup from Houston Texas wanted to enter the virtual reality space. They wanted to open a services firm that would provide outsourcing services to companies in USA.

Flexibility and adapting to the needs of our clients

All of the virtual and augmented reality applications we plan and engineer are custom-made. We design VR solutions based on a thorough analysis of your needs and demands. This includes non-standard services that require extensive research – R&D is one of our competencies. All of that to make your application unique and memorable, to let users have a truly unforgettable experience!

We have practice in designing immersive VR applications, all the way from onboarding and security training, through e-commerce apps and 3D product configurators to whole virtual submarines and even cosmic environments. We provide services for all industries, including retail chains, travel agencies and extractive industries.

We like to think that nothing is impossible, in fact we love challenges! Our ability to understand and interpret the requirements of any clients is the key to our success. For this reason we always amaze our business partners and associates by exceeding their expectations!

Broad spectrum of expertise

We are not only a Virtual Reality Company. Our team is created by talented Unity developers, 3D Artists, Game Designers, QA, UI / UX Designers, Project Managers, Business Specialists, and more. We work with a strong focus on the clients’ industry and needs.

Virtual Reality Glasses

Interactive 3D solutions

See how engaging our virtual reality projects can be!

  • VR training for employees, including drafting a scenario and user stories.
  • VR workplace safety training.
  • Virtual events, exhibitions and showrooms.
  • Metaverse VR spaces for socializing, games and entertainment.
  • Enhancing e-commerce and sales: virtual dressing rooms, enhanced visual product presentation, 3D product configurations.
  • Immersive VR games from all genres, including FPS, RPG etc.
  • And many more…
Virtual Reality Glasses
Person experiencing VR
Virtual/Augmented Reality

Considerable benefits of VR development

Find what you can gain with virtual reality in your business.

  • You will get ahead of your competition and draw positive attention to your organization, building its image as a futuristic and innovative company.
  • Developing a VR simulation app is cost-efficient – you only pay for its creation and are able to use it as many times as you need.
  • When it comes to employee training, virtual reality will contribute to higher engagement of your personnel making them learn more effectively and better remember the newly gained knowledge.
  • Give your customers a better shopping experience and increase conversion rates by providing them with 3D visualizations and product configurators, allowing them to personalize commodities according to their preferences.

Prepare the best strategy for success

We find being up to date with every technological novelty to be our obligation, just as staying informed about the best practices in marketing, sales, entrepreneurship and virtual reality development. We need to know and understand the current market situation and prospects for its development (especially virtual reality development) to give you the best feedback on potential VR implementation in your business.

With all that, we are able to come up with the most efficient strategy tailored for you. Why? To harness the full potential of innovative technology. We made it our goal for your business to reach new heights with VR development!

VR Training Offer

Virtual reality technology is an invaluable tool when it comes to employees’ training. It’s engaging, cost-efficient and enables easy tracking of your staff’s progress. It also allows you to simulate hazardous situations and conduct safety training that leaves a lasting impression.

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Consulting offer

To support our customers in achieving the best project outcome, we offer a range of consulting, analytical and research services. This helps recognize the clients’ needs and define the project range.

AR development

Are you also interested in augmented reality projects? Our team of specialists has experience in AR technology as well. Check what we have to offer.

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