Industry Solutions with VR and AR

Virtual and augmented reality technology is used in many industries. We create custom, fully tailored to your goals, AR and VR solutions for various sectors to help businesses & institutions grow.  The only limit is your imagination!

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First Responders

Emergency Services

AR & VR solutions are great tools to prepare for extreme and dangerous situations. Training in a safe environment can improve decision-making and save people’s lives. Everyone can join the change, from firefighters and law enforcement to medical first responders.

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Healthcare & Medicine

VR simulations & training help improve doctors’ and nurses’ medical skills. VR solutions provide new and accessible diagnostic & treatment tools. They are also health-profitable in meditation and destressing. Medical researchers are using our VR solutions in the mission to innovate healthcare.

VR apartment visualization


Construction & Real Estate

3D configurators, safety inspections, communication at a construction site, collaboration and more. AR & VR solutions can help at every step of the designing & building process. But they can also be a perfect tool to help customers buy your products.

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Immersive Teaching

Solutions based on AR & VR support the teaching process by providing your students with interactive tools. Help young people reach their potential in an innovative, up-to-date way. Engaging students is hard, but now you have technology on your site.

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XR in Military

AR & VR solutions are widely used in the military for realistic training simulations, better situational awareness, remote collaboration, streamlined maintenance, and mission planning. They boost training, operational capabilities, and decision-making, improving effectiveness and safety on the battlefield.

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From Oil & Gas to Manufacturing

AR & VR offer realistic simulations for training purposes, streamline maintenance processes and help provide safety. These technologies can save a lot of money and are now more accessible than ever before. Help your company gain a competitive advantage.

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