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Extended Reality in Emergency Services Software

Extended reality (XR) solutions refer to virtual, mixed and augmented reality software and applications. They can improve training, operations and the well-being of first responders.

VR can realistically simulate scenarios that are too dangerous or impossible to recreate in real life. For example, firefighters can practice rescuing people from a burning building.

MR can provide real-time information to emergency workers on the scene. This could include maps, building plans, and even the location of hazardous materials. A mixed-reality headset can overlay data onto a view of the real world.

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Suitable for all emergency services


Fire Departments

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Emergency Medical Services


Police Departments


Specialized Rescue Units

Dangerous conditions in a safe environment

Benefits of XR Emergency Services Softwae

Improved training efficiency. Systematize the training process and easily assess skills. Make it more efficient, self-sufficient and repeatable.
XR for first responders on the site provides an enhanced view of the surroundings and more data on the situation. This helps in making the right decisions.
Simulating threats in a safe environment enables personnel to train for and respond to dangerous situations without putting themselves at risk.
Train your staff wherever they are. With VR & AR, you can train your employees remotely or even if an instructor is unavailable. All they need is a headset.
Reduce training costs. Pay for developing the application once and use it an unlimited amount of times.

Psychological help and treating PTSD. VR can help staff deal with the psychological impact of traumatic events. It can also help in exposure therapy for treating PTSD.

Their team was highly dedicated and engaged, we appreciated how they really wanted to help us and deliver a valuable product. All the necessary specialists were in-house employees and you could really feel that they had a lot of experience with VR applications. Their coding skills were top-notch – the code was clean and clear.

The end users were also impressed with the VR training platform 4Experience developed. They valued its intuitive UI, engaging nature and effectiveness. All in all, we’re satisfied with the cooperation

Jakub Wyrobek, Co-Founder & CTO at MissionOne
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Interesting statistics

According to FinancesOnline, people who take part in VR training have a knowledge retention of up to 75%. The value for audiovisual learning is 20%.


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According to Chaos Theory Games, VR safety training decreases the likelihood of injuries by 43% among staff who have participated in it. Source: Finances Online.
Engineers at Lockheed Martin working with F-35 fighter jets work 30% faster and with up to 96% accuracy when using AR glasses. Source: Popular Mechanics.

Projects from our portfolio

Virtual mine project by 4Experience

VR Simulator for Firefighters

We invite you to discover an extraordinary experience that will take you into the fascinating world of virtual reality (VR) simulation created especially for firefighters and firefighting, safety and rescue enthusiasts.

Our simulator was created in close cooperation with firefighters from one of the units of the State Fire Service. They took an active part in testing and improving the product.

Tauron training in VR

VR Training for Flight Deck Officers

VR-based training for Flight Deck Officers provides a highly realistic simulation experience for various helicopter deck scenarios, including emergencies that are difficult or impossible to recreate in real life.

The VR setup allows for all training scenarios to be performed in a single location, eliminating the need for costly travel and equipment. The low cost and ease of setup of virtual reality training also lead to faster completion of training.

An expert's opinion

How can XR technology help first responders?

XR software solutions (including VR training) can greatly benefit first responders and emergency services by providing immersive simulations and interactive training experiences. These tools can help improve response times, reduce human error, and increase safety during emergency situations.

Additionally, they can also offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional training methods. By improving the training process, emergency services can better prepare their personnel and be better equipped to handle any situation.

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