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Bring the virtual and physical world together

Create a beneficial solution for your company. Mixed Reality helps you provide effective training, a safer work environment, and profitable work experiences. As a professional immersive solutions development company, we will help you realize unique projects and amazing concepts.

Make your workplace an amazing and valuable environment.

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Let’s blend reality and virtuality to benefit from both

Our mixed reality applications are custom-made to meet your requirements and let you benefit from all the advantages that they bring. To understand the difference between augmented reality and mixed reality, we need to look at interactions. Augmented reality let you present virtual objects in the physical world. On the other hand, mixed reality blends the virtual and physical objects in reality and allows you to interact with both of a kind.

We design MR solutions based on a thorough analysis of your needs and demands. This includes non-standard services that require extensive research – R&D is one of our competencies. All of that is to make your application unique and valuable during everyday work.

We like to think that nothing is impossible; we love challenges! Our ability to understand and interpret the requirements of any client is the key to our success. For this reason, we always amaze our business partners and associates by exceeding their expectations!

Here’s how it works

Broad-spectrum of expertise

Our team is created by talented Unity developers, 3D Artists, Game Designers, QA, UI / UX Designers, Project Managers, Business Specialists, and more. We work with a strong focus on the clients’ industry and needs.

Prepare the best strategy for success

We find being up to date with every technological novelty to be our obligation, just as staying informed about the best practices in immersive solutions development. We need to know and understand the current market situation and prospects for its development to give you the best feedback on potential Mixed Reality implementation for your business.

We have broad expertise in training development and real-time mixed reality solutions. According to this, we want to offer you custom-made products that suit your need and make your business grow.

Why? To harness the full potential of innovative technology. We made it our goal for your business to reach new heights with mixed reality solutions!

Interactive 3D solutions

See how engaging our mixed reality projects can be!

  • Immersive mixed reality training for manufacturing employees, including drafting a scenario and user stories.
  • Effective and smooth mixed reality safety training.
  • Space for collaboration in real-time, even over long distances.
  • Up-to-date information and manuals for engineers and tech staff.
  • Education through realistic and interactive 3D models.
  • The more intuitive designing process.
  • And many more…
Virtual Reality Glasses

HoloLens glasses:

the optimal answer to real-life industrial needs

The client wanted to overcome the need for having different manuals for many complex devices when doing maintenance jobs, which may happen in the case of unskilled workers. An additional condition was the assumption that the use of this HoloLens training app should not interfere with the simultaneous execution of the necessary work.

Person experiencing VR

Considerable benefits of MR development

Find what you can gain with mixed reality in your business.

  • You will get ahead of your competition and draw positive attention to your organization, building its image as a futuristic and innovative company.
  • Highly technical and safe training environment. The immersive nature of this solution allows you or your employees to retain information more effectively.
  • Cut call-out times – with up-to-date information and hands-free solutions for engineers, their work will be much more effective.
  • The “You see what I see” approach allows your support line to provide faster and more accurate help for other employees even on long distances.
  • In real-time guidance and information during the work. Your employees can see all the things they need just in front of their eyes. 

Want to find out more?

Consulting offer

To support our customers in achieving the best project outcome, we offer a range of consulting, analytical and research services. This helps recognize the clients’ needs and define the project range.

AR development

Are you also interested in augmented reality projects? Our team of specialists has experience in AR technology as well. Check what we have to offer.

Training Offer

Immersive technologies are an invaluable tool when it comes to employees’ training. Engaging, cost-efficient and enables easy tracking of your staff’s progress. It also allows you to simulate hazardous situations and conduct safety training that leaves a lasting impression.

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