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Our client requested the development of a new version of a driving simulation used by occupational therapists. The software’s goal is to assess if patients with reduced cognitive functions can drive a vehicle without presenting danger on the road.

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Project overview

People with medical conditions or suffering from reduced cognitive functions may be directed for an assessment of their ability to drive. The ensure the tests are completely safe, they’re conducted in a driving simulator. Occupational therapists monitor the examinees, launch scenarios and judge if it’s safe for the patients to keep driving vehicles.

STI provides occupational therapists with simulators used for those assessments. They also offer them for research purposes and driving training. Our job was to create a new version of the software used in them. It received a massive graphic update and a more realistic driving model alongside other important updates.

project overview

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The initial challenge was ensuring the new program ran smoothly on existing hardware. Ultimately, our client decided to modernize the devices. But the optimization to deliver the highest possible graphic quality while gathering an immense amount of data was still challenging.

What’s more, our client wanted the application to be modular and easy to work with for people of different technical skills – from designers to programmers. This meant we had to create very detailed and precise documentation and easy-to-use tools in the software itself.


Professional driving simulator - cockpit view left
Professional driving simulator - examiner's view

Business Value

With over 30 years of market presence, our client sells high-quality, professional driving simulator systems. This includes all the hardware – monitor screens paired with driving wheels and other peripheral devices, depending on the system of choice.

STISIM Drive also offers the software to go along with the devices and sells it separately if needed. However, its previous version was becoming outdated by current standards. This project aimed to replace it with a more modern, functional and visually pleasing version.

The revised application has a better and more versatile map and scenario creator. Furthermore, the therapist received a new set of tools and more metrics to work with. All these updates make the software more attractive to potential clients.


Professional driving simulator screenshot

Process and project scope


We developed a high-quality new version of the driving simulation used by occupational therapists, researchers and driving schools. We used our experience and proven techniques to create stunning visuals that go in pair with excellent compatibility and data flow.


Communication with the client took place in the form of daily reports on Discord. We also contacted each other biweekly for sprint review and planning and our client had live access to data about the project on Confluence.

Professional driving simulator with hardware 2

Technology stack

The target device in this project was a Windows PC combined with three screens and peripheral hardware, including a steering wheel and pedals.

We developed the software in Unity, using C# and several external plugins. Our Art Team created multiple 3D models and textures using Blender, Substance Painter and Substance Designers.

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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