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High-quality visuals help your business impress customers,
attract attention and make a lasting impression.

Amazing 3D graphic services at your fingertips

We create amazing 3D graphics and animations for various industries and products. From architecture, objects and realistic characters, to whole scenes that offer full immersion thanks to their ultra-realistic look.

We treat each project as an individual challenge that requires a tailor-made solution. Experience in many areas of 3D modeling services and 3D animation means the materials and scenes we create are simply unique.

Need realistic 3D human avatars? Want to create futuristic space characters? Our artists will be happy to take up the challenge according to your vision. You can easily hire an entire team to lead your project to excellence.

Submarine command module interior - 3D model and scene created by 4Experience

3D Modeling Services we provide

3D Scenes & Virtual Environments

We create three-dimensional scenes, levels and environments in Unity. Our Art Team is experienced in creating virtual worlds for VR and AR training applications, games and many more.

3D Models of Objects

Using the best tools and solutions in the industry, we can develop high-quality 3D models of anything you can imagine. 3D Modeling is a key part of every project we deliver.

Visualizations of Buildings & Interiors

Well-made visualizations of buildings and interiors help real estate agents close sales smoothly. What’s more, they are a great way to present spaces that are still under construction or renovation.

Scenes & Character Animation

Our Art Team is also skilled in making 3D Animations in all available art styles, ranging from low-poly, simple environments through low-budget realistic scenes to extremely detailed, lifelike scenes and levels.

Realistic 3D Avatars and Characters

Depending on the specific requirements, we can deliver a complete and rigged 3D Avatar in less than three days! Character Creator is our main tool, but we can also model the whole avatar by hand in zBrush.

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Experienced Art Lead Talks About How to Create a 3D Avatar

Experienced Art Lead Talks About How to Create a 3D Avatar

Why hire an Art Team from 4Experience

Best tools and solutions
A team fully focused on your needs
Great leaders and project managers
Extensive expertise in the field
Well-balanced, mix-skilled team

Here are some of our amazing artists!

Łukasz Grobelny - 3D Artist at 4Experience

Łukasz Grobelny

Art Lead

Piotr Łaszczych - Environment/Level Artist at 4Experince

Piotr Łaszczych
Environment/Level Artist

Maciej Bugajski - Art Director at 4Experience

Maciej Bugajski
Art Director

The tools we use

Adobe products


Substance Painter

Autodesk Maya logoAutodesk Maya

Substance Designer logoSubstance Designer

3ds Max logoAutodesk 3ds Max

Blender logoBlender

Character Creator logoCharacter Creator

Marvelous Designer logoMarvelous Designer

zBrush logozBrush

Maciej Bugajski, Art Director at 4Experience

Maciej Bugajski, our Art Director

Maciej is an industry veteran who has been working with CGI and games since 2010. With 6 years of experience with Unity, he has worked on such big games as Total War Warhammer and Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Maciej also has experience in creating VR applications.

As Art Director, he is responsible for the graphic quality and consistency of the created projects. He manages a team of 3D Graphic Designers, UI/UX Designers and Animators at 4Experience.

Maciej likes finding creative solutions in technical and marketing areas. It’s a pleasure to watch his team members create fantastic graphics. You’d be surprised by their ingenuity!

An expert's opinion

What is the most important aspect of 3D graphic design?

Undoubtedly, a very important aspect of graphic design is grasping the scope of the project and the client’s needs. Thanks to good communication and determining the key elements the team can perform efficiently and the client can receive results on time.

Based on the specific project, we choose the most effective tools for completing the assigned tasks. Team members are chosen based on the specialization which is necessary to get the desired results (starting with 3D graphic designers, through game designers, to animators). What’s important, is we meet with the clients in specified cycles to show the progress.

What clients say about 4Experience

They are extremely knowledgeable about VR

4Experience helped plan the app, an employee training tools for banks and developed multiple demos. Their level of knowledge and responsiveness, as well as excellent price / quality ratio, was key. They`re also very responsive to inquires and turn around budgets for us very quickly. We can clearly rely on them.

Martin De Santos CEO Tipi Tap, USA

Great engagement for the users

The apps worked on by 4Experience have received very positive press coverage and great engagement from the users. Their team focuses on being extremely good at what they do while their project managers maintain open and daily communication about progress and goals.

Alexander De Ridder CTO NEXREF

Their work made a great impression on us

4Experience was recommended to us by word of mouth and the quality of their work was widely acclaimed. The AR apps and VR rooms 4Experience developed were innovative and visually stunning. Their team kept everyone up to date with milestones. Their detail-oriented approach and ability to meet difficult challenges were impressive.

Paweł Pryszcz CMO Spetech

They are always available

They are always available and extremely knowledgeable in the field of AR/VR development. Despite tight deadlines, 4Experience pulled through with a high-quality end product. The team was proactive throughout development.

Maciej Cader Head of Rapid Prototyping PIAP Institute

Clients say we deliver on Clutch

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