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The possibilities offered by this modern technology are very wide. They are not just about entertainment and games from the browser level. You can use WebXR services, for example, to present your new product in a fantastic way on your website. Read more to discover the benefits of WebXR solutions.

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Let’s see one of our WebXR projects.

The goal was to create use the webXR service to boost the marketing campaign. The client runs an internet campaign and attaches a QR code to the materials. The application is showing a growing soybean and includes a possibility to inspect its roots. You can use this app yourself. Let’s go!


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Build a business advantage with WebXR Services

XR experiences refer to cases where users generate new forms of reality by introducing digital objects into the physical world. It also includes experiences that see physical world objects moving into the digital world.

A broad understanding of XR – instead of focusing on specific environments, allows to remain flexible and evolve with emerging solutions. WebXR is an API (application programming interface) that enables applications to interact with AR and VR devices.

The term WebXR was established about 4 years ago alongside specific guidelines for WebXR. That is why we are able to create this extraordinary environment with WebXR Services in accordance with the well-established technological standard.

You can use your website as an immersive tool to help gain the interest of your customers and partners.

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The benefits of WebXR for you:

  • Greater accessibility – the main reason for its growing popularity.
  • Ease of use. You do not need to install anything from dedicated applications for each item (just fire up a page or QR code). It’s lighter and has a fast loading time.
  • Easier to connect the 3D world with HTML data. Data exchange works like a website and there is no need to use separate solutions.
  • Device compatibility – the technology works well on most devices.
  • Better visual effects. On technically better devices, you can get stunning visual effects with WebXR.

What if my WebXR project has special requirements?
That’s not a problem for our experienced Development Team! We create solutions even for extraordinary requirements.

Is WebXR just for entertainment?

The possibilities offered by this modern technology are very wide. They are not just about entertainment and games from the browser level. You can use WebXR services, for example, to present your new product in an amazing way on your website.

Some customers dislike having to install apps on their devices to access additional benefits. In the case of WebXR, you don’t need to build an entire app, so your customers don’t have to download anything. Usually, a QR code is enough. Clients can scan the code and instantly access your virtual environment.

What browsers are supported?
WebXR works best with Chrome on Android. Other browsers may require additional plugins, e.g. the mobile versions of Firefox and Edge. It’s worth noting though, that with the plugins installed, WebXR should work properly on browsers other than Chrome as well.

To find out more, tell us about your requirements and the types of browsers in which you want to use WebXR. We will respond with a thought-out recommendation from our development team.

WebXR Services

Is WebXR difficult to apply for business?

The use of WebXR on a website does not require the installation of additional applications. Just enter the address in your web browser, point the camera of your device at the right marker (or QR code) and you’re ready to go!

WebXR is also a business tool for marketing agencies, cultural institutions, online stores and anyone who would like to present a product or event in an interesting way. An online store owner can use WebXR in his product catalog so that customers can interact with the products and see them almost live.

Arkadiusz Kwaśny

Co-Founder at 4Experience

Arek is a software professional with 20 years of commercial experience in IT services such as web, mobile, games, VR, AR and AI.

He is passionate about solving clients’ challenges, always looking to provide added value to the relationship. In his work, Arek provides insights and leadership that connects the IT world with business.

In 2005 he co-founded Selleo – a web development house.
In 2015 he co-founded 4Experience – a Virtual Reality Studio.

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Realistic working and training conditions

One of the projects we’ve developed was a training solution for Tauron – an energy company from Poland. In this project, employees learn the rules of working with power switchboards. At the same time, they learn the rules of safety and how to deal with problems.

We invite you to see this PROFESSIONAL SKILLS training.

What our customers say about using our products and services

They are extremely knowledgeable about VR

4Experience helped plan the app, an employee training tools for banks and developed multiple demos. Their level of knowledge and responsiveness, as well as excellent price / quality ratio, was key. They`re also very responsive to inquires and turn around budgets for us very quickly. We can clearly rely on them.

Martin De Santos
CEO Tipi Tap, USA

Great engagement for the users

The apps worked on by 4Experience have received very positive press coverage and great engagement from the users. Their team focuses on being extremely good at what they do while their project managers maintain open and daily communication about progress and goals.

Alexander De Ridder

Their work made a great impression on us

4Experience was recommended to us by word of mouth and the quality of their work was widely acclaimed. The AR apps and VR rooms 4Experience developed were innovative and visually stunning. Their team kept everyone up to date with milestones. Their detail-oriented approach and ability to meet difficult challenges were impressive.

Paweł Pryszcz
CMO Spetech

They are always available

They are always available and extremely knowledgeable in the field of AR/VR development. Despite tight deadlines, 4Experience pulled through with a high-quality end product. The team was proactive throughout development.

Maciej Cader
Head of Rapid Prototyping PIAP Institute

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