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Over 200 completed projects already! We increase efficiency, look for the new technologies and solutions to implement the best projects and improve the existing ones thanks to our R&D activities. Take advantage of our expertise!

We find R&D the best way to move to the next level. If something seems impossible, we work hard to prove it’s not. 

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Build a business advantage with R&D in extended reality projects

“Research and development” is a series of activities that involve searching for solutions in available technologies or tools to achieve the required result. Moreover, we check what exactly can be done by using the tool or technology and whether it is the best solution. If we have an idea of ​​unconventional use, we first check whether it can be used in the way we wish to.
XR projects have particularly wide possibilities. Technology is constantly evolving, which is why it ensures the continuous development of projects.

How can companies make use of the potential of R&D?

  • The benefits of the results achieved can far outweigh the initial investment assumed.
  • Cooperation with a developers team with high R&D skills brings measurable results in a shorter time and brings refined effects.
  • Companies can trust experienced teams. They do not need to have precisely specified project requirements because specialists will take care of the research part and propose the most effective and proven solutions.

It’s all about the project

The R&D team is involved to a different extent depending on the project. We are open to using many different technologies in your project to make it useful and effective. Depending on your needs we can add artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing and more to gain the best outcome. This kind of project almost always requires the involvement of our high-skilled R&D team to effectively integrate many different technological solutions.

Virtual Conference Room

In one of the mixed reality projects, we used artificial intelligence (AI) to program real-time background removal during the video meeting. The goal was to create the feeling that the other person is actually in the same, real room.

With mixed reality glasses, people could meet like they are in the same space together. This was an interesting project and the effects were incredible.

We find the best solutions

The VR Fitness project was a challenge for us, in which we tested various solutions when it comes to stationary bikes that will work best in many respects. We tested many models and managed to choose the best options.

We invite you to see the project: VR Fitness

Machine Learning data generator

In one of the interesting projects that used machine learning, we provided research and development in the field of falls in the elderly. We have performed R&D works for the client, consisting of recording scenes of falls of the elderly in Unity.

On this basis, videos were generated, thanks to which they learned the neural network. As a result, the client did not have to generate physical falls of people, as they only replaced them with simulations.

We invite you to read an article about Machine Learning and AR

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Benefits of cooperating with the R&D team

  • Contact us if you have a problem with a project or part of it and other companies can’t deal with it – we verify the available solutions, their possibilities and we offer you an appropriate solution.
  • We always check the results of a given solution. We only provide you with tested suggestions.
  • Attract potential new investors and business partnerships to your business.
  • Develop your competitive advantage and gain market leadership through research and development.
  • You have the opportunity to develop new products and projects that can generate new intellectual property for you and this can bring additional financial benefits for your company.

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Research & Development for business

In which cases does R&D work best?

Research and development activities are closely related to the project. We can say that they are a permanent part of the work of our development team. Before we start working, we recognize the possibilities more widely and present the possible solutions to our clients. They must be tailored to the problem. Moreover, we rarely use a template-based approach because we prefer accurate recognition and action to solve the customer’s problem.

Not all companies have this kind of approach, and on the other hand, there are also companies that are afraid of new solutions that they do not know. However, it is worth building a competitive and market advantage based on extensive research and verification of solutions that can bring real benefits. Especially when we talk about VR/AR R&D activities because it is a technology that is constantly evolving and can offers us more than any other.

Mateusz Gołuch

Head of Production at 4Experience

Mateusz has been working as a Project Manager since 2015. He has worked on over 100 projects so far. His problem-solving skills as well as team and customer focus led him to become the Head of the Production Department. Nowadays, he manages a team of over 40 specialists. He supports the team so that its work brings real value to the client and users. He also supports project ownership and good information flow.

He has extensive experience in software houses and creative agencies, where he created web apps, e-commerce, and dedicated applications. What’s more, Mateusz has a business background and high communication skills (everyday contact with clients). He can give great advice to businesses for them to achieve their goals in the best way possible. He is a fan of business flow analysis and process optimization with a focus on emotional intelligence.

What our customers say about using our products and services

They are extremely knowledgeable about VR

4Experience helped plan the app, an employee training tools for banks and developed multiple demos. Their level of knowledge and responsiveness, as well as excellent price / quality ratio, was key. They`re also very responsive to inquires and turn around budgets for us very quickly. We can clearly rely on them.

Martin De Santos
CEO Tipi Tap, USA

Great engagement for the users

The apps worked on by 4Experience have received very positive press coverage and great engagement from the users. Their team focuses on being extremely good at what they do while their project managers maintain open and daily communication about progress and goals.

Alexander De Ridder

Their work made a great impression on us

4Experience was recommended to us by word of mouth and the quality of their work was widely acclaimed. The AR apps and VR rooms 4Experience developed were innovative and visually stunning. Their team kept everyone up to date with milestones. Their detail-oriented approach and ability to meet difficult challenges were impressive.

Paweł Pryszcz
CMO Spetech

They are always available

They are always available and extremely knowledgeable in the field of AR/VR development. Despite tight deadlines, 4Experience pulled through with a high-quality end product. The team was proactive throughout development.

Maciej Cader
Head of Rapid Prototyping PIAP Institute

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