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Your Goal

Our 3D solutions, thanks to their variety, are a perfect way to help your business grow. Over the years, we’ve noticed that companies share the same goals and to help you discover our solutions more efficiently, we group them into four categories.

But if you don’t fit in any of them, feel free to let us know your business challenge! We will be more than happy to advise you on how to use our 3D solutions in your business to achieve your specific goals.


Mariusz Kramek

Customer Experience

Discover new ways to keep your customers loyal and engaged. Offer your audience exceptional experiences and solutions tailored to their needs. Invest in your clients – it’s paying back. Satisfied clients ensure your success!

Sales Increase

Reach a new audience innovatively. Make the cart value higher. Improve your marketing campaigns and sales processes. Create valuable relationships with your potential and existing customers. Let innovations work for you!

Effective Training

73% knowledge retention. On every level of organization, immersive training is improving efficiency and productivity. Well-trained employees play a crucial role in your company. Teach them how they can do their best!

Product Boost

Use 3D configurators to boost your products. Let customers visualize their future home or new furniture & accessories. Give them the option to personalize the experience with your product before they buy it. Create the demand.

Keith Hurley - Strange Stars Entertainment

“High-level Unity development at affordable pricing, with a highly skilled, motivated and affable team. We were most impressed with the availability and flexibility of the team to support us while separated by different continents and time zones.

Simply the best remote contract developer team I’ve ever worked with. Hard working, professional, personable and all-around creative problem solvers.”

Keith Hurley, Director of Media & User Experience at Strange Stars Entertainment LLC/DreamTrace, Inc.

Industry-Specific Solutions


Thank our Research & Development team, we can offer the medical industry support in research. With success, we cooperate with universities and clinics to provide new diagnostic possibilities. We can also create solutions that will help patients during the recovery & treatment processes or support their mental health.

Heavy Industry

We understand how essential it is to train people properly to work in a risky environment. But unfortunately, heavy equipment or hazardous factors make the training process much more complicated and costly. We can create simulators that will teach people procedures safely and cost-effectively thanks to immersive 3D technology.


Visuals are crucial to drawing attention and making a lasting impression. Our Art Team is here to amaze you with stunning 3D models, scenes and animations designed for your specific needs.

Enhance your designing process, product presentation and customer support with AR technology. Let us know what you need, and we’ll help you find the ideal solution.

Virtual reality is something we are passionate about. Our goal is to provide captivating, immersive experiences tailored to your requirements.

Improve your employee training, workflow and customer experience with mixed reality. Bring 3D content to your workplace, boosting creativity and productivity.

Immerse your audience in the virtual world through your website! Take advantage of the possibilities of WebXR technology. 

Create one-of-a-kind solutions with professional help from our Research & Development Team. (Almost) nothing is impossible.

Offer your clients effective support with AI-based chatbots integrated with a 3D avatar. Human-like experience to satisfy your customers.

Take your business to the next level with AI-based solutions and engaging with your customers in a completely new way.

Keith Hurley - Strange Stars Entertainment

“Their team was highly dedicated and engaged, we got the impression that they really wanted to help us and deliver a valuable product. All the necessary specialists were in-house employees and you could really feel that they had a lot of experience with VR applications. Their coding skills were top notch – the code was clean and clear.”

Jakub Wyrobek, Product Manager, MissionOne Ltd.

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