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4Experience Sp. z o. o. is implementing a research project financed by the National Center for Research and Development concerning the development and construction of a prototype of a firefighting and rescue simulator stand. Read more.

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XR/3D technologies are increasingly being adopted in the military.
They offer realistic training simulations,
enhance situational awareness,
facilitate remote collaboration,
streamline maintenance, and aid in mission planning.

These technologies provide military personnel with improved training,
operational capabilities, and decision-making
enhancing effectiveness and safety on the battlefield.

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Emergency Services

In a risky and stressful environment,
fast decision-making is essential.

Emergencies require
 skilled and confident staff.
XR provides realistic simulations for training
in high-stress situations, allowing emergency personnel
to practice critical skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Immersive and interactive solutions that improve training,
situational awareness and decision-making
ultimately save lives and minimize risks in critical situations.

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Immersive medical training allows healthcare professionals
to simulate surgeries and practice procedures
in a safe and controlled environment.
New diagnostic methods, innovative treatment-supporting
applications and more. 

It’s all achievable with XR technologies,
enhancing patient outcomes, improving experiences,
and increasing access to healthcare services.

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Provide immersive and interactive learning experiences,
allowing students to explore realistic simulations,
interact with 3D models, and manipulate virtual objects
in real-world settings. XR/3D technologies promote engagement,
understanding, and knowledge retention
enabling remote learning and global collaboration.

They have the power to transform traditional education
approaches, making learning more engaging,
interactive, and accessible.

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VR/AR/MR technologies are transforming engineering
and manufacturing processes, improving design and testing,
production and maintenance workflows,
and driving innovation in these industries.

They offer virtual prototyping, real-time information overlay,
remote collaboration, engaging training and maintenance support,
improving efficiency and safety, reducing costs, and time-to-market.

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Construction & Real Estate

Virtual walkthroughs, accurate on-site visualization,
remote collaboration, and enhanced property marketing.
Moreover, XR solutions can enable remote stakeholder
collaboration, allowing for real-time design reviews and decision-making.

XR and 3D technologies streamline processes,
reduce errors, and improve customer engagement
driving innovation in these industries.

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Robert Wessells

Associate Professor, Wayne State University

"There are two things that I’m most impressed with. Firstly, they finished the project even earlier than expected. Secondly, we were a bit worried when there was a change in the Project Manager position during the development process, but it was perfectly organized and so smooth that we didn’t even feel the difference. Overall they did a great job, and we will be happy to work with them in the future as we plan to develop this software further."

Jakub Wyrobek

Product Manager, MissionOne Ltd.

"Their team was highly dedicated and engaged, we got the impression that they really wanted to help us and deliver a valuable product. All the necessary specialists were in-house employees and you could really feel that they had a lot of experience with VR applications. Their coding skills were top notch – the code was clean and clear."

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