This project’s goal was to prepare a unique way to let customers choose the garden appliances and paving. It was crucial to allow them to see the chosen products in different environments and at different times of the day.

VR 3D Configurator - garden




Virtual reality
3D configurator
Exterior visualization


VR development
3D modeling


Unity, C#, Meta Quest 2, 

Visual results video




Immersive shopping is becoming increasingly popular, and companies are seeking unique ways to attract customers to gain competitive advantages.

In this project, it was essential to create a solution that would be easily accessible even for people unfamiliar with VR, so smooth UX played a crucial role. UX/UI visualization was prepared in ShapeXR.

VR 3D configurators are perfect for showcasing products and letting users choose the best option. One of the features, in this case, was to change the time of the day to let users see the garden in a different light.

VR 3D Configurator
VR 3D configurator - changing daytime

Business Value

3D configurators correspond with high demand for personalized products. Clients are willing to pay more if they can configure the purchases for their needs and preferences.

Whether it’s paving, electronic accessories, fashion or furniture, meeting clients’ expectations and requirements is essential.

If you are looking for solutions to make purchasing engaging and increase cart value, 3D configurators may be a perfect solution for your business.

As you can see, you can let customers try your product virtually in different environments (with VR) or even at their homes (using AR).


Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

Technology stack

The target device for this project visualization was Meta Quest 2. The visualization itself was created in Unity. We used ShapeXR to develop mock-ups and showcase app features and user journeys.


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