VR Simulator for Firefighters

We invite you to discover an extraordinary experience that will take you into the fascinating world of virtual reality (VR) simulation created especially for firefighters and firefighting, safety and rescue enthusiasts.

Our simulator was created in close cooperation with firefighters from one of the units of the State Fire Service. They took an active part in testing and improving the product.

See what we have achieved!

Explore Our VR Simulator

Possibility to adjust the time of day, weather conditions and duration of the scenario.

3 scenarios for varied training.

Training and exam mode.

Possibility of cooperation within the fire brigade.

Single-family house fire simulation:

Brave intense fires in a realistic single-family home environment. Test yourself in a variety of scenarios where the timing of the action, weather conditions and many other factors affect the course of the situation.

Secure the location, evacuate the resident and neutralize the fire. Follow the instructions and then check how much you remember.

Car Crash Simulation:

Enter the car accident simulation and face dynamic scenarios. Adjust the weather conditions and take on roles that require quick action and precision.

Secure the scene by following the correct sequence of actions. Choose the right tools and guarantee the safety of yourself and others.

Chemical contamination neutralization simulation:

Prepare yourself for chemical danger as you step into the shoes of a firefighter specializing in neutralizing hazards.

Control the IBIS PIAP robot using an intuitive console and make decisions that affect the situation’s outcome. In this simulator, you will discover the importance of composure and precision in rescue operations.

VR Simulator Licenses

We recommend the VR simulator to single institutions, Fire Departments units and schools to conduct internal training and to municipalities and units that want to train other entities as part of commercial training.

Standard Version


(VR headset + desktop)

1-year license
For simulator with all the scenarios

Extended Version


Omni treadmill Cyberith Virtualizer Elite 2

(VR headset + desktop)

1-year license
For simulator with all the scenarios

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