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Innovative healthcare solutions can change the world. And we’re here to help you on your way to achieving this.

With XR & 3D technologies and our amazing Research&Development team in-house, we can provide you with custom-made software for treating patients, rehabilitating them, and providing them with a better experience during the healing process.

Moreover, we can support your research on diagnosing patients more efficiently or improving treatment processes. XR is also helpful when it comes to practical training to improve both soft and hard skills.

You can be the change,
we can be your support.

Mariusz Kramek

Interesting statistics


Cedars-Sinai Hospital has found that a VR experience can reduce pain by 24% or more. Often, virtual reality treatment can reduce or remove the need for pharmaceutical therapies.

Boy with VR headset

According to St George’s Hospital, all patients that had the option to use VR goggles before and during their operation in a hospital in London reported an overall better experience.


According to ScienceSoft, VR software can decrease fatigue scores by 47% and anxiety levels by 13%.

Accenture reports that 84% of health executives agree that it’s important for their organization to leverage XR solutions to close the gap of physical distance when engaging with employees and customers.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions with our R&D Team

Our in-house R&D team can help you develop most advanced solutions.
We are experienced in the field of integrating additional hardware in our projects.

Peripheral hardware often plays a crucial role in medical projects. Adding medical equipment to VR applications allows clients to gain and analyze more data in one software solution.

Despite traditional medical devices like pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, scales or glucometers, we can also integrate other hardware like stationary bikes or treadmills (for the stress tests or advanced simulators) or sensors to monitor movement with high accuracy (as mentioned before)

Piotr Żamojda - Junior Environmental 3D Artist at 4Experience

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What our clients say about us

Close up doctor putting gloves on

I was pleased with 4Experience’s project management. They were extremely open, professional, and responsive. Robert was organized and diligent. We used Jira and Confluence as project management tools. To communicate with 4Experience, we used Google Meet and Discord.


I was most impressed by 4Experience’s design skills. They created a functional product based on my idea and were able to recognize issues early on and design around them.

Neurologist at a nonprofit academic hospital (USA).

There are two things that I’m most impressed with. Firstly, they finished the project even earlier than expected. Secondly, we were a bit worried when there was a change in the Project Manager position during the development process, but it was perfectly organized and so smooth that we didn’t even feel the difference.


Overall they did a great job, and we will be happy to work with them in the future as we plan to develop this software further.

Robert Wessells, Associate Professor at Wayne State University

Wayne State University logo

Benefits of using virtual reality in medicine


The VR applications are designed precisely to let trainees make mistakes while training. This translates into the high effectiveness of such learning.

Boy with VR headset

Chronic patients often experience the discomfort of being partially left to their own devices in between the procedures. VR & AR can make their experience a little bit less uncomfortable.



Metaverses offer great potential for a paradigm shift in health communication. XR health communication can effectively improve healthy behaviour.


Rehabilitation using VR technology is more pleasant for a patient and the latest applications are extremely immersive and motivating.

Projects from our portfolio

VR nursing training

VR Nursing Training

Our client had the idea to connect two things he is passionate about – healthcare and virtual reality. All at the service of humanity.

VR nursing training gives the personnel a safe, immersive learning environment so that when they do begin treating actual patients, they are truly prepared.

It’s also possible to recreate situations that rarely occur in order to apply the knowledge gained through theory and keep their lifesaving skills sharp. Even if they’re only needed once in a while.

VR stroke rehabilitation

VR Stroke Rehabilitation

AppAttic’s aim is to help users in making progress with their health, provide data for research and improve clinical outcomes. Their work is often game-based, such as the VR Stroke Rehabilitation app developed by 4Experience.

The more physically active stroke survivors are, the healthier it is for their hearts and blood vessels. VR Stroke Rehabilitation app gives them an opportunity to practice everyday activities through gamification.

An expert's opinion

What do you find most attractive in developing medical projects?

We love ambitious challenges. Recently we were working on a few innovative healthcare solutions. They were focused on finding new ways to diagnose patients effectively. 
Those projects can bring real value in the future. We believe that XR technologies could someday be a massive game-changer in the medical industry. We already see that medical researchers are looking for innovative and time-saving ways to improve processes and improve healthcare. And it’s amazing when they choose us to support their efforts.

Mateusz Gołuch, Head of Production

Mateusz has worked as a Project Manager since 2015. He has worked on over 100 projects so far. His problem-solving skills, team and customer focus led him to the Head of Production Department position. Nowadays, he manages a team of over 50 specialists. 

He has extensive experience in software houses and creative agencies. Moreover, Mateusz has a business background and high communication skills (everyday contact with clients), and he can advise on business so that the client can achieve his goals.

He is a fan of business flow analysis and process optimization.
Interested in emotional intelligence.

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