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Why you need an AI chatbot

With a chatbot, you can offer uninterrupted assistance to your current and future customers. The replies they receive will be consistent and multi-language. An algorithm has infinite patience and gives instant answers. It can be a great tool for generating leads and qualifying them. Finally, you can gather detailed information about your customers’ needs and habits to use for improvements.

But customer service isn’t the only application for chatbots. You can also use it for purposes like lead generation and evaluation. Scroll down to see how you can benefit from these technologies based on real case studies.

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This is how your chatbot might look!

Interesting statistics

At Charter Communications’, chatbots created an ROI of 500% within the first six months.
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Even simple chatbots can reduce the response time by 76%. Check HelloFresh’s case study at AI Multiple.
Chatbots have consistently high CTRs. Venture Studio mentions one called Winnie, which reportedly achieved a CTR of 72%!
According to data found on Overthink Group’s website, a chatbot used by LeadPages increased their website conversion rate by 36%.

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Keith Hurley, Director of Media & User Experience at Strange Stars Entertainment LLC/DreamTrace, Inc.
Keith Hurley - Strange Stars Entertainment

Top benefits of using a chatbot

Chatbots are a massive money-saver. You can reply to an unlimited amount of inquiries 24/7 without the need to hire lots of staff.
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High reliability and consistent feedback. A chatbot rarely requires maintenance and is usually a very dependable solution. Moreover, it’s infinitely patient and consistent in its answers.



Chatbots enable automatic generation and qualification of leads saving your or your employees’ time and making the process more efficient.

Better insight and deeper understanding of customers’ habits and needs. Thanks to a chatbot, you can easily acquire and analyze data about your clientele.

Frequently asked questions

Why give your chatbot a 3D avatar?

An avatar makes chatbot experiences more authentic. It can be personalized to become an embodiment of your brand and is, therefore, a good marketing tool.

For example, suppose you are targeting business clients. In that case, you can create a professional-looking avatar. And if your target audience is a group of technology enthusiasts, you can make it look more futuristic. This will allow them to connect better with their virtual assistant.


Aren’t people annoyed by chatbots?

It is said that 43% of people still prefer talking to an actual person. However, 34% don’t mind using a hybrid model where they connect to a human through a chatbot. Although chatbots can replace your staff in some fields, they work best when used to supplement them.

The virtual helper will respond to the typical requests and help solve simple problems while your experts focus on more complex cases. This means your employees will work more efficiently and with higher motivation, not being forced to respond to repetitive and dull questions.

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Projects from our portfolio

VR 3D Configurator - garden

VR 3D Configurator

The purpose of this project was to set up a method for letting consumers visualize and select the pavement and garden equipment. It was essential to provide them the chance to view the selected items in various settings and throughout the day.

Virtual reality 3D configurators are excellent for showing off items and helping customers select the best choice. In this instance, changing the time of day allowed visitors to see the garden in a different light as one of the highlights.

VR Leadership & Communication Training

The goal of this app wasn’t gaming itself. But the mechanic of this training is firmly based on gamification elements.

This VR training was created for 4-7 people to play at the same time. We designed a highly detailed environment for the submarine and the helicopter. The essential thing in this app – communication – required us to create a highly effective voice chat system with no delays.

Mateusz Gołuch, Head of Production

Mateusz has worked as a Project Manager since 2015. He has worked on over 100 projects so far. His problem-solving skills, team and customer focus led him to the Head of Production Department position. Nowadays, he manages a team of over 50 specialists.

He has extensive experience in software houses and creative agencies. Moreover, Mateusz has a business background and high communication skills (everyday contact with clients), and he can advise on business so that the client can achieve his goals.
He is a fan of business flow analysis and process optimization.
Interested in emotional intelligence.

An expert's opinion

How can businesses use avatars & chatbots to their advantage?

Businesses can use avatars and chatbots to improve customer experience, automate repetitive tasks, increase engagement, gather customer data, and reduce costs.

Avatars and chatbots can provide 24/7 support, answer frequently asked questions, resolve customer issues quickly, and handle tasks such as appointment scheduling and payment processing.

They can also engage customers through personalized interactions, recommendations, and feedback as well as gather valuable data to personalize marketing campaigns and improve product offerings.

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