VR Fitness application: Get fit in a new and exciting way

Our client is a fitness club, whose main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle among people, focusing on young adults. VR fitness classes combine a high level of immersion and a typical set of repetitive activities, making exercise addictive. Especially in a world where we expect results now.






spinning bike prototype

VR fitness app


Unreal Engine

HTC Vive + sensors

Visual results video
Business value

Where the mind goes, the body will follow

Immersive fitness aims to transcend the average workout class. It’s an experience that’s both physical and mental, employing visual and auditory effects. By pushing the boundaries of sensory intake, participants are kept fully engaged, allowing them to reach their fitness potential. Every single class essentially gamifies your workout, with the aim of transporting mind and body and allowing you to sustain effort and motivation that you might otherwise struggle with.

Thanks to our cooperation it is now possible to change typical “boring” spinning bike hardware into the adventure machine, making it possible to explore new worlds or just compete with others and yourself. Or even better, enjoy a martial-arts inspired class where you become a video game character fighting. Gain new clients, be unique on the market.


Immersive fitness

Working out could (and for our sake even should) be hard and time-consuming. People have to stay dedicated and regular to achieve their dream body – staying long hours and performing repetitive activities. As the person becomes more consistent, their body gets stronger. What we tend to forget here, is that this process could take months, even years.

Unfortunately, we live in an instant culture – where a need for immediate gratification dominate our lifestyle and social behaviors. As a result, not getting the ABS after barely finished set of push-ups makes people get tired easily and their will power wavers just after a few days.

Our client has been looking for a solution to this tendency, investigate the topic of “Gym of the future”. The idea was to add VR elements into existing training – distracting people from physical pain and forcing them to perform better.

There were 3 challenges during design and development process:

  • To prepare the most comfortable solution of VR in Gym environment.

  • To find the best flexible way to extend existing gym exercises; also to find out how to use VR and other hardware to jump the experience on the totally new level of perception.

  • To create the platform, connect disciplines into the one ecosystem, allow users share their records and achievements with other players.

Process and project scope

Level up your character while leveling down your body weight

Technology stack

Time to work out

The whole experience was prepared in Unreal Engine for HTC Vive (with additional trackers and sensors). We used Raspberry Pi hardware, and our base gym equipment was Gym Spinning bike hardware.

Visual results gallery

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