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We successfully completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) for an application to revolutionize oil rig maintenance procedures. The initial phase of the project concentrated on enhancing the maintenance of safety valves, a critical component in oil rig operations. However, the app is designed to include various elements of pipelines and technical installations eventually.

The core objective of this newly developed app was to drastically reduce downtime and provide oil rig employees with updated and practical instructions for maintenance and repairs. Recognizing the unique challenges faced in the oil rig environment, the application was developed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Hololens 2, ensuring a hands-free and interactive experience for the users.







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Valve Recognition

Project Overview

project overview

The goal of the application is to reduce the costs and waiting time for servicing safety valves on oil rigs, making it easier for onsite workers to perform valve maintenance.

The application enables drilling platform workers to work with a virtual clone of the safety valve they need to service. It recognizes the valve placed in front of it and initiates the service procedure. The app not only facilitates the actual servicing process but also includes a training mode.

In this mode, workers can learn how to operate and maintain the valve without needing a physical valve. They can practice assembling and disassembling it, as well as other maintenance tasks. This feature is especially beneficial for training less experienced crew members, allowing them to confidently and successfully perform these operations.

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Business value

This innovative tool not only enhances the efficiency and safety of routine maintenance tasks but also brings a multitude of benefits that extend across various aspects of business operations. Below are some of the key business values that this application brings to the forefront:


  • Reduced Downtime: Minimizes operational interruptions by providing efficient maintenance guidance, thereby increasing overall productivity.
  • Cost Efficiency: Lowers maintenance and repair costs by reducing the need for external expertise and minimizing the risk of errors during maintenance.
  • Enhanced Safety: Improves safety on oil rigs by providing accurate, real-time guidance for maintenance tasks, crucial in high-risk environments.
  • Training and Skill Development: Offers an effective tool for training new employees, enhancing their skills with interactive, AR-based learning experiences.
  • Operational Flexibility: Adapts to a variety of maintenance tasks and can be expanded to include different types of equipment and installations, making it versatile.
  • Improved Accuracy and Quality of Work: Increases precision in maintenance tasks through detailed, step-by-step AR guidance, improving the overall quality of work.
  • Time-Saving: Streamlines the maintenance process, allowing employees to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently.
  • Scalability: The app’s framework allows for easy scaling to different industries and applications, broadening its market potential.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Enhances the service quality experienced by clients, leading to higher satisfaction and potentially more business opportunities.

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“What I found most impressive was the unwavering professionalism and dedication that the team exhibited. Every interaction was infused with a sense of commitment and a passion for excellence, reflecting their extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Their dedication went beyond mere project execution; it was about bringing a vision to life, about creating something truly unique and groundbreaking for Augmentify. 


The genuine interest and team spirit displayed by 4Experience were truly unique. It felt less like a client-vendor relationship and more like a unified team working towards a common goal. The enthusiasm and interest they showed in my project were not just about completing a task; it was about being part of a journey, about sharing a vision and working together to realize it. This sense of unity and shared purpose made the collaboration enriching and highly rewarding.”

Erik Ertzgaard, CEO, Augmentify

Technology stack

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

The app is prepared to work on Microsoft Hololens 2. We used MRTK2, Vuforia, and Unity to prepare this software. 

Model of the valve was prepared based on the CAD documentation delivered by the client.

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