Unity 3D Games Development

Release the potential of Unity 3D Games

Release the potential of Unity 3D Games

Projects prepared in the Unity 3D engine give unimaginable possibilities. The platform allows you to release your project’s potential – from the idea to the final implementation.

Games developed by our team win awards and are a source of pride for many customers. Developers verify new solutions and tools in order to provide extensive value and often use the support of the 4Experience R&D Department.

The way we work ensures quick implementation possibilities, and 2-week intervals give you insight into the progress of work. Moreover, you have the opportunity to work with our entire team, ask questions, and provide suggestions. Two-way communication is the key to success and the efficient creation of modern games.

Interesting statistics


Developers use Unity 3D


Supported platforms


Of VR headset owners have bought a VR game

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Games

Over 60% of AR/VR content is created in Unity.
This engine is preferred by our developers who create amazing games with the combination of Unity and tools built for AR/VR creators in order to best develop and put the client’s vision into practice.

What about mobile games?
Playing mobile games is now popular like never before. Mobile games revenue increased more than 3 times in the U.S. in the last two years period.

Mobile games require comprehensive solutions and modular tools. We create immersive, highly engaging 2D and 3D games for our clients around the world. The multitude of options that we can provide ensures greater range, high performance, and monetization options. 

Supported Platforms

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Mac OS
Android OS
Windows OS
Linux OS

What are the main advantages of creating games in Unity 3D?

  • Flexibility
    • The flexibility of games built in Unity 3D makes them ready to adapt to your current or changing needs. The C# scripting system, extensive API, and documentation make Unity the first choice in terms of extensibility and possibilities.
  • Quick implementation on many platforms
    • With Unity, it’s simple to publish projects on different platforms. The game can be deployed on more than 25 console and computer platforms, even on mobile devices.
  • Quick creation
    • You can immediately see the changes made thanks to the extraordinary work in real-time. This helps in creating and launching working prototypes. The UI and available tools are intuitive and save time, especially at a low level.
Dragon from VR Game - The Last Stand
  • Graphics performance
    • A high-resolution rendering pipeline enables the creation of high-quality and flexible graphics. UI responsiveness is maintained when scaling for various devices.
  • Integrations
    • Integrations with other systems are possible primarily thanks to well-documented APIs.

VR Food Game

Gamification is a great opportunity to promote and attract new customers. One of our customers, a digital agency specializing in scaling products to millions of users, knows this very well.

The company decided to combine health and entertainment in a VR game, and entrust this task to our developers. In Attack of The Snacks, players fight scary junk food and have fun! 

We have contributed to the client’s goals thanks to this VR food game.

VR Test Drive – a promotional campaign

Ford needed an application that would present their latest product in an unusual way. The entire VR route was to take only a few minutes, so it contained only the most characteristic features. Intuitive car control, good quality graphics, and an idea that kept customers entertained.

Now everyone has the opportunity to drive a new car! In this VR game, players collect Ford logos and see their results after completing the entire route. They can also compare it with the results of other people.

We invite you to view project details Tri-state FORD VR

Experience a smooth collaboration with our simple process

Business Analysis & Consultation

Over the years, 4Experience has developed a methodology for cooperation with clients, which is adapted to individual projects depending on the company’s needs. We begin with business analysis to thoroughly understand the concept & objectives of the project. Once we do that, we share our thoughts and experience with you. Together we’ll shape your idea into something incredible!

Prototype & Validation

We will map the flow of the app and build the prototype with key aspects to validate the concept with end-users and investors.

Cycle Implementation

Using Agile methodology we release each piece of the app incrementally. We will test it and make improvements based on your suggestions. Our goal is to deliver the best quality possible. Every application made by 4Experience’s team is carefully tested on each stage of development by an experienced QA tester. As a result, we can assure you that our applications meet the highest quality standards.

Not only game development

In addition to programming and game development services, can the client count other services as well?

We truly enjoy developing Unity 3D games and we’re professionals. Our team consists of various specialists, from programmers to AR/VR developers and testers.

We work in the Scrum methodology, so projects – from simple applications to complex configurators and multi-level games – are delivered as a ready and tested product.

However, this is not all. We create and develop prototypes, we also work on projects conceptually. The customer can count on consultations, advice, and if there is a problem with an already created game, we help fix it.

I believe that the comprehensive approach of the whole team works only for the benefit of the client as well as the final project.

Mateusz Gołuch

Head of Production at 4Experience

Mateusz worked as a Project Manager since 2015. He has worked on over 100 projects so far. His problem-solving skills and his team and customer focus led him to the Head of Production Department position. Nowadays, he manages a team of over 40 specialists. He supports the team so that its work brings real value to the client and users. He also supports project ownership and good information flow.

He has extensive experience in software houses and creative agencies, where he created web apps, e-commerce, and dedicated applications.
What’s more, Mateusz has a business background, high communication skills (everyday contact with clients), he can advise on business so that the client can achieve his goals.
He is a fan of business flow analysis and process optimization.
Interested in emotional intelligence.

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