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4Experience VR Training Platform is a flexible tool: add avatars, workplace simulations, use analytics and high quality content.

4Experience VR Business Training Platform is a complete toolkit that will help you start creating VR training for your crew in minutes. Provides employers and organizations with the tools necessary to create virtual reality training. Several modules give you amazing possibilities! From creating a training environment, through employee avatars, to verifying their training progress.

Flexibility and matching the content of the VR training are essential. Our tools give you what you need to get started quickly.



Enterprise skills analytics panel. Analytics and reporting to effectively scale the application across the organization.



Create smart, virtual avatars for your crew. Immerse your employees in experiences at the highest level.



Realistic simulations of the working environment



The AR application for remote support of a specialist / service technician helps to diagnose and solve problems remotely.

Measurable effects of VR training and high quality of content

4Experience VR Business Training Platform is a flexible tool that will help you build virtual training for your team effectively. Add avatars, workplace simulations, use analytics, and push your ship through a sea of knowledge and skills!

The VR Training Platform is more than just employee training. These are completely new opportunities for your business. You can improve the skills of your crew, help employees learn new ones effectively. Moreover, you will be able to implement your training projects much faster and with the effective use of your budget. If you need help or create new VR training platform components, don’t worry! Our VR Development Team will be happy to help you.

VR Training Platform Panels and Features

Read about the possibilities of VR Training Panels and learn more about these amazing tools.

4 Analysis Panel

  • Determining the levels of participants (according to the competency model)
  • Manage training applications for local and distributed employees, even on the other side of the world
  • User statistics: collecting data on employees’ behavior during training (e.g. number of mistakes made, number of attempts, examination mode and training mode during training)
  • Use advanced information about the learning, performance and progress of employees
  • Combine knowledge transfer and gaining experience to fill skill gaps
  • Realize the return on investment in your company


4 Analysis Panel Features:

  • Adjusting the content of the training to the level of the participant
  • Administrator’s dashboard
  • User statistics
  • Analytics
  • Training data
  • Crew management
  • Training administration
  • Keeping track of completed training modules
  • Crew progress verification
  • Data-driven reports

4 Employee Panel

  • Create and customize employees characters.
  • Bring a virtual avatar into life!

4 Employee Panel Features:

    • Create 3D character creation
    • Interactive design

Customize avatars:

    • Unique internal characteristics
    • Embedded behavior archetypes
    • Distinctive external characteristics

4 Space Panel

  • Select spaces / objects
  • Establish objects handling

4 Space Panel Features:

  • Spaces library
  • Space editor (office, service, industrial, etc.)
  • Objects library
  • Object editor (for example, for office spaces it will be: chairs, tables, office equipment, windows, doors, shelves, etc.)
  • Editor of other elements related to the training place (e.g. weather conditions)

4 Management Panel

  • Choose from many training modules, use proven methodology
  • Easily start the next stages of training
  • Implement VR scenarios that will delight the crew with their experiences
  • You do not need any other tools, you will get everything you need in one module
  • Create scenarios that work on mobile devices, computers and AR / VR equipment

4 Management Panel Features:

  • Scenarios of learning modules (hard and soft skills)
  • Visual scripts: Simple and easy-to-use high-level instructions
  • Triggers: allow you to react to events by taking appropriate actions.
  • Conditions: taking actions depending on certain conditions
  • It gives the possibility of faster creation of trainings by building interactions between space and objects and avatars (interactions)
  • It enables the use of analytical and reporting tools (you choose what, how and when you want to analyze)
  • It gives the possibility to create training reflecting the training scenario

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Benefits of using the VR Training Platform in the enterprise

Measurable results of employee training

Increased training efficiency and upskill

User-friendly panels

Improve employee engagement and performance

Use as many times as needed

Immersive technology – become the employer of the future

Ease of use and simplicity of the panel

Data-driven reports

Cost-effective VR training solution for employees all over the world

From the office to the virtual world of employee training

Team size

Finished projects


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