Save Time and Money with VR Training
Regular/refresher hard skills trainings generate costs by causing downtime, as well as distracting more experienced workers from their daily routine. Virtual Reality accelerates the improvement of employees’ qualifications by giving a realistic reflection of the work station, with greater employee involvement resulting in the higher attractiveness and a deeper level of engagement. Thanks to the distraction-free environment we learn faster, we also remember better; especially while the employees had little or no experience. They can train any scenario (including dangerous ones) multiple times until they reach the desired level of expertise. The technology is extremely effective for learning and exploration and has been widely adopted by many industries - allowing to avoid expensive consequences of human errors. It does also give the opportunity to use gamification and freedom of time and place of training - VR Trainings saving both time and money. 
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Your Benefits

53%+ savings

Prepare your whole team by using one VR training. Muscle memory will help them perform tasks faster.

100%+ awareness

Stop talking about being cautious. Pick a device and let your crew experience the consequences.

68% + more involvement

No more rolling eyes or naps during the OHS training. Replace theory with intriguing practice.

79% faster learning

Place your crew right in the middle of the action. No additional explanations needed.

Our approach
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In our department, we always focus on customer success. We define the success goals that are measurable so that we can track our progress and report on the completed job.

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