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High-risk occupations



VR training simulation


HTC Vive

Unity 3D


Safety first and foremost!

The client needed a short vr safety training app + film illustrating work in high-risk professions. The project was aimed at supplementing occupational safety and health training related to work at a height – as a translation of theory into practice. Previously, employees needed access to a place where they could practice behavioral models. In the case of VR, however, the vr safety training itself is enough and the actual place does not matter, as the app features everything we need.

The client also wanted us to reflect dangerous situations that may occur during the work. The vr safety training app was to provide a safe and controlled environment, teaching good practice and incorporating multiple scripts, so that users could better remember the activities they need to perform.

Process and project scope

Never ever forget the fundamentals of your profession

Business value

Reaching the heights of efficiency and safety

The final product is a vr safety training app running on Windows, intended for employees performing work at a height. It allows them to freely interact with the virtual environment. Through narrative and tips, it indicates correct behavioral patterns – from preparations for work to moving safely around the workplace. The scenarios implemented also show the results of negligence, which may result in an accident.

The application complements theoretical training and allows employees to test their knowledge in a realistic environment. It can be run many times in order to consolidate good practice. Thanks to the lifelike representation of the workplace, it is also possible to check how a given employee would behave in a specific environment or situation.

It is also vital that this type of vr safety training app is future-proof. Why? Well, it can be used in other high-risk industries and professions, where it is difficult to act out realistic situations that involve potential risks in the workplace.

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