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DPD stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution – a global forwarding company that mainly provides parcels of less than 30 kg. The company is based in France and operates mainly in the express road-based market. The company also conducts and tests pro-ecological activities, such as the use of electric transport for the delivery of some shipments. It also opens up to new trends, such as B2C market, VR training app or e-commerce support, for example in the context of food.







3d modeling

VR training simulator


HTC Vive Pro / Pico Neo

Unreal Engine

Visual results video
Business value

Now everything seems easier (in VR)

The created application perfectly solves the problems that the client has. The application is actively used in recruitment and training processes. The application is so promising that the client plans to implement further modules, for other positions or similar training, for other devices. Not only PC VR, but also VR standalone.

  • saving time and money related to employee training
  • changing the negative effects of personnel fluctuations
  • innovative and safe training
  • the possibility of gamification and application usage regardless of the place
  • accurate replication of the workplace, which facilitates the implementation of a new employee


From words to action

The project involved moving from strictly paper-based training to VR training app that would best reflect the reality that the worker would face in the future. The sectors that our client represents are often struggling with one problem – a large human resources' fluctuation.

Many employees, which is needed to support large logistics centers, require appropriate training. The preparation and training of new employees require that you familiarize yourself with the work system in specific positions and that you will appreciate the decline in efficiency of activities.

The challenge the client set us with was to use VR training app to eliminate downtime during work and make employees aware of what their work will be. The work on the sorting plant should be divided into three main modules, each of which will concern training at a different position.

Process and project scope

VR & Logistics collaboration

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Technology stack

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