VR Language Training

Take advantage of one of the most popular trainings for employees: VR Language Training! Join companies that effectively train their employees around the world.

VR language training as self-improvement

Language training is carried out primarily when knowledge of a foreign language is required for a specific position. However, some companies use language training as one of the methods of self-improvement of employees.

Thanks to progress tracking and an immersive environment in VR technology, people are able to remember much more than during a traditional language lesson. It is also important to support employees in developing language skills, especially if the company operates in different foreign markets.

Language training is one of the most popular employee training. Recently, the training can be successfully supported with VR and AR technology.

Your benefits

+ 65%

faster learning

Higher level of remembering. Teach employees faster!

+ 54%

greater involvement

Higher attractiveness of training.

+ 53%


Prepare your whole team by using one VR training, anytime you need.

Find the unique VR language training advantages

The main advantage of using VR applications is the ability to participate in virtual communities and the ability to establish relationships with people from all over the world. The practical ability to speak is conducive to faster learning of a given language, especially when we have the opportunity to establish a conversation with people using various accents (eg in English).

The second advantage of using VR language training is the ability to prepare an application with gamification mechanisms sewn in, which also speeds up learning, but above all increases the involvement of users.

Benefits of using the VR language training in your company

  • Employee engagement: no more sleeping during the training!
  • Virtual reality language training is available in any language needed.
  • Speed up learning: employees are able to remember much more than during a traditional lesson.
  • Easy way to establish relationships with people from all over the world.
  • Use the VR language training app as many times as needed. Save time and lower the costs of training!

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Experience a smooth collaboration with our simple process

  • Over the years, 4Experience has developed a methodology for cooperation with clients, which is adapted to individual projects depending on the company’s needs. We begin with a business analysis to thoroughly understand the concept & objectives of the project. Once we do it, we share our thoughts and experience with you. Together we’ll shape your idea into something more.

  • We will map the flow of the app and build the prototype with key aspects to validate the concept with end-users and investors.

  • Using Agile methodology we will be incrementally released you another pieces of the app to test it and make improvements base on your suggestions. Our concept is to deliver the best quality possible. Every application made by 4Experience’s team is carefully tested on each stage of development by an experienced QA tester. As a result, we can assure you that our applications meet the highest quality standards.

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