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Give shape to flat drawings

Nowadays, technology distracts us. This mainly applies to children who need to acquire basic manual skills that are necessary for their proper development. The question is, how can we use innovative technologies to encourage them to take actions that will help them develop such skills?

The client wanted us to bring a children’s colouring book to life with the use of augmented reality technology, thus giving the well-known activity of colouring a new, third dimension. The goal of the project was to create an AR application, thanks to which we can display ordinary coloring books as three-dimensional models, which are additionally animated and tell a story.

Process and project scope

Extended reality, extended imagination

Acquisition of practical skills that allow one’s creativity to develop, stimulate their imagination or simply make it possible to practice coordination is extremely valuable for children. In a word, it was all about adding space to something that has always been associated with two-dimensionality.

Business value

With flying colours

Will such an application encourage children to color and experiment? Of course! In addition, we stimulate their creativity and imagination through fun and the possibility of interaction. And, of course, we develop their manual skills. Colouring books becoming three-dimensional stories are a noteworthy product. Especially since the AR colouring book app can be downloaded in a simple way. It certainly can be used as an additional value, which further encourages activity. It also provides a great opportunity to show both the child and the adults ways in which technology can be used in educational activities. Therefore, what we have here is active education and development of manual skills, combined with education about new, immersive technologies. Going a step further with our technology, one could even be tempted to create multimedia versions of entire comic books, embedded in augmented reality.
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