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The biggest challenge related to the implementation of this project was to bring additional multimedia value to the rather conservative 2D printing market. The client wanted us to bring a children’s colouring book to life with the use of augmented reality technology, thus giving the well-known activity of colouring a new, third dimension. The client supplied the colouring pages and asked us to prepare an AR colouring book application that would make them come alive on a smartphone’s screen after pointing the device’s camera at them. The colours applied on the card were also to be reflected in the form of extended 3D reality. In a word, it was all about adding space to something that has always been associated with two-dimensionality.

Process and project scope

Extended reality, extended imagination

Business value

With flying colours

Colouring books becoming three-dimensional stories are a noteworthy product. Especially since the AR colouring book app can be downloaded in a simple way. It certainly can be used as an additional value, which further encourages activity.

It also provides a great opportunity to show both the child and the adults ways in which technology can be used in educational activities. Therefore, what we have here is active education and development of manual skills, combined with education about new, immersive technologies. Going a step further with our technology, one could even be tempted to create multimedia versions of entire comic books, embedded in augmented reality.

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