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Business value

With flying colors

Will such an application encourage children to color and experiment? Of course! In addition, we stimulate their creativity and imagination through fun interactions. And we develop their manual skills.

Coloring books becoming three-dimensional stories are an amazing product. Especially since the AR coloring book app can be downloaded in a simple way.

It’s a great opportunity to show both the child and the adults how technology can be used in educational activities. Therefore, we have active education and manual skills development, combined with education about new, immersive technologies. Going a step further with our technology, one could even be tempted to create multimedia versions of entire comic books, embedded in augmented reality.


Give shape to flat drawings

Nowadays, technology distracts us. This mainly applies to children who need to acquire basic manual skills that are necessary for their proper development. The question is, how can we use innovative technologies to encourage them to develop such skills?

The client wanted us to bring a children’s coloring book to life with the use of augmented reality technology, thus giving the well-known activity of coloring a new, third dimension. The goal of the project was to create an AR application that would display ordinary coloring books as three-dimensional models, which are additionally animated and tell a story.


Process and project scope



Here’s how it works: we color the selected picture in the booklet. We run a dedicated application on your phone or tablet. When we direct the device’s camera to our image, the application changes the 2D side into a 3D scene.

We can see everything on the screen of our device. In addition, the application recognizes what colors we used and displays the same colored objects on the screen of the device. Thanks to augmented reality, these coloring pages come to life.


The process of creating an entire application that recognizes a dozen or so coloring pages and allows users to display animated 3D models on this basis was not too difficult in fact. So much so that it could be done without the involvement on the client’s part.

However, the idea that each page of the AR coloring book should tell a story was thought of during the development stage. And here the involvement of the product owner was required. It was necessary to implement Scrum and weekly sprints. The result was very good, which allowed for a significant reduction in the risk of errors.


The client provided us with a set of coloring books. They were the basis for creating “animated” models.

The client supplied the coloring pages and asked us to prepare an application that would make them come alive on a smartphone’s screen after pointing the device’s camera at them. The colours applied on the card were also to be reflected in the form of extended 3D reality.


In order to be able to use the application, the user needs physical coloring pages. Children color them the way they choose, and then they can animate their works with the help of the application.

They can see them in 3D. The page from the coloring book becomes a stage on which they can watch a short story taking place before their very eyes.

Technology stack

Daydreaming in full color

The application was developed with the Unity 3D engine.

The entire layer related to augmented reality was based on Vuforia, thanks to which it was possible to recognize appropriate coloring pages and display appropriate models on the screen of a mobile device.


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