Our awesome team of AR/VR developers


Meet those who are behind our studio’s magic

Szymon Dworzecki - Web Devloper at 4Experience

Szymon Dworzecki

Web Developer

Mariusz Betker - VR/AR Developer at 4Experience

Mariusz Betker

Unity 3D Developer

Rafał Puciłowski - Senior VR/AR Developer & Lead Programmer at 4Experience

Rafał Puciłowski

Lead Unity 3D Developer

Maciej Zaręba - VR/AR Developer at 4Experience

Maciej Zaręba

Unity 3D Developer

Przemysław Błażyca - Senior VR/AR Developer & Lead Programmer at 4Experience

Przemysław Błażyca

Lead Unity 3D Developer

Mateusz Mrozek - VR/AR Developer at 4Experience

Mateusz Mrozek

Unity 3D Developer

Jakub Miętus - VR/AR Developer at 4Experience

Jakub Miętus

Unity 3D Developer

Wojtek Pander - CFO at 4Experience

Łukasz Górny

Unity 3D Developer

Patryk Sajdok - VR/AR Developer at 4Experience

Patryk Sajdok

Unity 3D Developer

Łukasz Smalec - VR/AR Developer at 4Experience

Łukasz Smalec

Unity 3D Developer

Sebastian Senski - Senior Unity Developer at 4Experience

Sebastian Senski

Lead Unity 3D Developer

Joachim Chrapek - Senior VR/AR Developer at 4Experience

Joachim Chrapek

Lead Unity 3D Developer

Piotr Karbowski: 4Experience Team Member

Piotr Karbowski

Unity 3D Developer

Kamil Haraf - VR/AR Developer at 4Experience

Kamil Haraf

Unity 3D Developer

Patryk Lach - QA Tester at 4Experience

Patryk Lach

Quality Assurance Specialist

Adrian Mazurek - QA Tester at 4Experience

Adrian Mazurek

Quality Assurance Specialist

Kamil Byrski - QA Lead at 4Experience

Kamil Byrski

Quality Assurance Team Lead

Mariusz Kramek -  UX/UI Designer at 4Experience

Mariusz Kramek

UX/UI Designer

Piotr Łaszczych - Environment/Level Artist at 4Experience

Piotr Łaszczych

Environment/Level Artist
Łukasz Grobelny - Art Lead at 4Experience

Łukasz Grobelny

Art Lead

Maciej Bugajski - Art Director at 4Experience

Maciej Bugajski

Art Director

Jan Szpila - Game Designer at 4Experience

Jan Szpila

Game Designer

Szymon Junde Game Designer

Szymon Junde

Game Designer

Piotr Soska - Creative Director at 4Experience

Piotr Soska

Creative Director

Damian Bijas - Senior Lead Programmer at 4Experience

Damian Bijas

Senior Lead Unity 3D Developer

Jacek Wielicki - Project Manager at 4Experience

Jacek Wielicki

Project Manager

Dorian Machalica - Project Manager at 4Experience

Dorian Machalica

Project Manager

Arkadiusz Kwaśny - Head of Service Delivery at4Experience

Michał Kolber

Office Assistant

Marcin Bożek - ICT Specialist at 4Experience

Marcin Bożek

ICT Specialist

Sandra Wardas - Process Improvement Specialist at 4Experience

Sandra Wardas

Business Analyst

Sylwia Ficoń - Finance Manager at 4Experience

Sylwia Ficoń

Finance Manager

Ewa Bobryk - Office Employee Manager at 4Experience

Ewa Bobryk

Office Employee Manager

Joanna Herczyńska - Marketing Manager at 4Experience

Joanna Herczyńska

Business Development Manager

Mariusz Poparda - Culture Partner at 4Experience

Mariusz Poparda

Portfolio Manager

Arkadiusz Kwaśny - Head of Service Delivery at4Experience

Arkadiusz Kwaśny

Head of Service Delivery

Wojtek Pander - CFO at 4Experience

Wojciech Pander


Jolanta Kubatek - CEO at 4Experience

Jolanta Kubatek


Diversity and experience is our strength

The diversity of the team and various specializations in the area of 3D applications mean greater benefits for our client’s business. You can count on our support throughout the whole process of project development – all the way from coming up with an idea to releasing it to the public.

We are not only a Virtual Reality Company with AR and VR Developers. Our team is created also by 3D Artists, Game Designers, QA, UI / UX Designers, Project Managers, Business Specialists, and more. We work with a strong focus on the clients’ industry and needs. We’re eager for new challenges!

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