3D Product Configurators

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Show your products in 3D!

3D product configurators create a unique experience and personalized product for each customer.

Furthermore, virtual reality is often used to visualize the final product. Companies use this to support sales in all industries, including fashion, real estate, car dealerships, manufacturing, e-commerce and many others.

Configuring product components makes customers feel safer and more confident when purchasing. You can easily show the product’s appearance from all sides! Moreover, 3D visualizations offer unlimited personalization in real-time, showing all the details.

Headphones E-commerce 3D Configurator

Lenovo PC 3D visualization

Benefits of 3D product configurators

Improved CX. Allow customers to visualize and customize products, which translates to a more engaging and interactive experience.

Increased sales. Research shows customers are willing to pay more for personalized items.

Lower return rate. Customers make more informed decisions with visualizations and configurations, so they are less likely to return items.

Cut costs. Personalization facilitates an MTO system, which allows you to manufacture and keep less stock, thus saving money.

Interesting statistics


It’s reported that by using 3D animations and AR solutions ads can achieve a 267% higher CTR. Source: Welp Magazine.

Boy with VR headset

According to a publication by Forbes, product configurators can realistically reduce return rates by up to 80%!



According to Agility PR Solutions, customization makes customers 40% more likely to buy a more expensive product.


What our clients say

High-level Unity development at affordable pricing, with a highly skilled, motivated and affable team. We were most impressed with the availability and flexibility of the team to support us while separated by different continents and time zones.


We feel that the execution of deliverables has consistently met or exceeded our expectations throughout the development process.

Keith Hurley, Lead Stargazer at Strange Stars Entertainment

Keith Hurley - Strange Stars Entertainment

Projects from our portfolio

VR 3D Configurator - garden

VR 3D Garden Configurator

This project aimed to develop a distinct method for customers to select their garden tools and pavement. It was essential to offer them the ability to view the products they had picked in various settings and at different times during the day.

The utilization of VR 3D configurators is an ideal way to present products and allow users to make informed choices. One of the aspects incorporated was the ability to alter the time of day to enable users to view their garden in various lighting conditions.

Apartment 3D interior visualization

AR Furniture Configurator App

ModiModi is an online tool that allows users to design their new, unique furniture using a convenient creator and a wide range of materials and decors.

Our client wanted to allow users to learn and preview how a given piece of furniture fits into the rooms in their home. We wanted them to be able to scan their room’s floor, choose a piece of furniture, arrange it in the room and see whether this particular model fits in.

An expert's opinion

Is the 3D configurator the right solution for your business?

There are still concerns about buying products online. 3D configurators and visualization offer unlimited real-time personalization, showing all the details and reducing customer fears of buying. It’s an excellent way to attract customer attention and streamline sales.

The possibilities offered by 3D technology currently contribute to an increase in sales and conversion rates. That is why they are so eagerly used by e-commerce. Business owners build their competitive advantage by using modern sales tools such as 3D configurators, making customers return more often.

Mateusz Gołuch, Head of Production

Mateusz has worked as a Project Manager since 2015. He has worked on over 100 projects so far. His problem-solving skills, team and customer focus led him to the Head of Production Department position. Nowadays, he manages a team of over 50 specialists.

He has extensive experience in software houses and creative agencies. Moreover, Mateusz has a business background and high communication skills (everyday contact with clients), and he can advise on business so that the client can achieve his goals.

He is a fan of business flow analysis and process optimization.
Interested in emotional intelligence.

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