3D Product Configurators and Visualization

3D product configurators are a modern tool that attract customers’ attention and increase sales. You can easily view the product appearance from all sides.

Use 3D technology to show your products and their details professionally

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are used by companies that want to increase sales through an attractive offer of:

3D product configurators are also used when choosing a product option by the customer to create a unique and personalized product.

Furthermore, virtual reality is more often used to visualize the final product. Therefore companies use it to support products sale, including e.g.: clothes and accessories manufacturers, interior architects, car and motorcycle dealers, parts and equipment manufacturers, industrial companies, construction, e-commerce and many other.

For instance, showing customers the option of configuring product components makes them feel safer and more confident when making a purchase. You can easily show the product appearance from all sides! Moreover, 3D visualization offers unlimited personalization in real time, showing all the details.

Your benefits

+ 61%

more customer engagement

Customers are more interested, more active and willing to buy!

+ 40%

increase the conversion rate

Through the use of modern tools your sales is growing!

+ 37%

shorter sales cycles

You effectively simplify the sales process and thus save time!

Get customer interested with a 3D visualization

Many customers are afraid to buy without first checking the product. This applies mainly to more expensive things. Due to 3D visualization, you can easily reduce your customers’ fear of buying and increase their confidence that the product they are buying is what they wanted to receive.

In addition, you can use 360 degrees rotation in the 3D product configurator to show your client all the details and attract attention. We know from our experience that this significantly increases the conversion rate of online stores and websites by up to 40%.

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Benefits of using the 3D product configurators in your company

  • You can sell products that can be customized and your customers will know exactly what they will look like in reality. You will provide customer value and reduce returns and complaints
  • Give your customers the possibility to personalize the product according to their preferences and needs, providing a quick and easy to use tool that is a 3D configurator. At the same time, thanks to high quality 3D visualizations, the customer will see all the details, rotating or zoom in and out, and can be sure of the purchase.
  • There is no need to print traditional catalogs because you give your customers an interactive and modern tool for selecting product options. It allows you to reduce costs!
  • Build a competitive advantage and increase the attractiveness for customers who return more often.

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  • We begin with a business analysis to thoroughly understand the concept & objectives of the project. Once we do it, we share our thoughts and experience with you. Together we’ll shape your idea into something more.

  • We will map the flow of the app and build the prototype with key aspects to validate the concept with end-users and investors.

  • Using Agile methodology we will be incrementally released you another pieces of the app to test it and make improvements base on your suggestions.

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