Extend Your Unity Development Team

In today’s business, it is crucial for companies to develop the flexibility to consistently deliver quality solutions. This is why the increase in the use of contingent workers across organizations globally has become one of the most significant trends. Especially in the IT industry, hiring in-house developers is not always a viable option as recruitment can be costly and time-consuming.

Staff augmentation became a powerful tool for many organizations. What exactly is it? What are the benefits of such a model? Is it possible to use staff augmentation to extend your Unity development team? Keep reading to find out.

Key takeaways

  • Staff augmentation is a great option if you need to scale your team instantly.
  • Staff augmentation has multiple benefits – it allows you to save costs and at the same time increase transparency and flexibility.
  • It is crucial to find the right developers to augment your IT team. 
  • VR staff augmentation gives you endless possibilities to make your ideas and visions come true
  • If you are looking for talented developers ready to use their skills to develop your projects, 4Experience is waiting for you to reach out.

What is staff augmentation?

Simply speaking, staff augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that allows you to hire skilled professionals globally without the cost and liability of making new full-time hires. You manage your extended team and only receive candidates who actually meet your requirements for a specific project. In fact, you add skilled and experienced technical resources to your in-house development team.

You fill the gaps on projects in compliance with the current business objectives by adding developers on-demand, at any time of your project’s life cycle. In general, there are two main types of staff augmentation – short-term when you need support in some aspect of the project and long-term (for longer projects).

Staff augmentation in the IT industry

The IT industry has been probably the first one to implement such a model of cooperation. Some IT executives realized that their onsite teams no longer satisfy their needs. It sometimes happens when a new project is launched or when a company grows rapidly. Staff augmentation has been one of the ways to extend a development team.

Hiring a full in-house team of developers has always been a great challenge, not to mention the money and time needed to find the right specialists with particular skills. In IT, staff augmentation is a great way to combine the benefits of outsourcing and in-house employment.

Hiring qualified developers has become quicker, easier and cheaper. You still keep full control over the task, but you have a talented team of experienced specialists close at your hand. No wonder why staff augmentation in IT has become an important stage in the expansion of tech companies.

The benefits!

There are many advantages of staff augmentation in the IT industry. The most important are the following:

  • You keep a high level of productivity – your augmented team is fully focused on a single project. They don’t manage several projects simultaneously which means they keep higher levels of motivation and dedication.
  • You get full flexibility – you have access to skilled developers who work with the exact technologies you need. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to replace a developer – you have access to the large talent pool, and you don’t spend additional money for the changeover.
  • Staff augmentation is cost-efficient – the cost structure of staff augmentation is very transparent. No administrative and organizational expenses are included, nor are office space or workstation costs. 
  • You only pay a predefined fee, and everything is arranged by a third party. There are no hidden costs.
  • Staff augmentation might be a trial run for potential full-time employees.
  • You are up to date with progress – augmented teams usually work in Agile and Scrum methodologies. This means you are regularly informed of the progress of work.
  • You get quality resources from the expert team.

Staff augmentation – What about the Unity developers?

Unity’s engine was launched 15 years ago. Mobile gaming development, which now comprises the majority of the gaming market, has caused an incredible increase in-game developers’ demand. Unity is now one of the most popular engines in gaming – it is used in over 50% of mobile games. It is also used for 3D design and simulations across various industries (automotive, architecture, film and many more). AR/VR studios are also significant players that use Unity 3D in the gaming industry.

All these have made the number of Unity developer jobs higher and higher. Unity developers are very much in demand as more and more companies use and offer cross-platform solutions and complex XR projects. It is extremely difficult to hire an in-house team of Unity professionals so many companies decide to try staff augmentation. They want to receive the right talents who work for them on a project-by-project basis and thus, boost the company’s business capabilities.

Meet those who are behind our studio’s magic!

What’s in Unity staff augmentation for your business

It turns out that staff augmentation opens a totally new window of opportunities for a business that pursues rapid development. However, it is key to trust a reliable and innovative partner who keeps up with the pace of modern technology development. It is absolutely crucial that your business partner supports you from the very beginning of the collaboration process.

Complex assistance at any stage of collaboration is of utmost importance especially when the latest technologies and money are involved. Modern staff augmentation allows you to develop, e.g. Virtual Reality solutions. Skilled VR developers should be able to help you realize unique projects and all the amazing concepts you may have.

Nowadays, Virtual Reality development allows you to create unusual solutions and with the proper support, these solutions will be at the highest level. With the right VR staff augmentation team, you will be able to increase efficiency and implement the most high-end technology to implement your best projects. Staff augmentation might be your guarantee that all issues will be properly and quickly handled. Check some examples of VR projects created in collaboration with the augmented team.

We at 4Experience, have already completed over 150 projects so far (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality) for numerous customers all around the world. Our dedicated team of VR developers is an opportunity for your business to move to a completely new level. Even if you don’t need the entire team, there is an option to employ some of them to augment your team (e.g. CTO, VR/AR Developer, Level Designer, QA Tester, Game Designer, 3D Artist).

Why choose 4Experience to augment your team?

When choosing developers to complement your team, remember that experience is of the utmost importance. Not only do we have experience in VR and AR development, but we also have experience in team augmentation. This is crucial, especially if it’s the first time you have been augmenting your team. Our customers say that the 4Experience team they hired is always willing to offer support and has a great, problem-solving attitude. Quality is what we excel at thanks to the feedback we constantly receive from our clients.

I feel that my team at 4Experience delivers consistent quality and is invested in the overall outcome of the work they produce. We can rely on quick turn-around, quick response to our questions and feedback.

This is only one of the reviews we have recently received. Interested? Just share your requirements with us and we will take care of everything.

What does the collaboration look like?

First of all, you tell us your needs so that we can get your idea and product/service scope. Then, you can meet our business development team and discuss who you are looking for and what technical skills you require. We choose VR developers who best suit your needs and requirements. Even at the very early stages of our collaboration, we provide comprehensive technical support. When you finally choose the augmented team of VR developers, we start the development process.

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