According to a report from the Association for Talent Development, businesses with at least 100 personnel spent roughly $1,200 on training per employee each year.

An investment in your employees’ skill is an investment in your company – no matter how big is your brand in terms of income or position among the branch. Unfortunately, training a new person consumes a lot of time, money and materials. There is also a risk that current workers become under-qualified due to changing technology or the development of new methods. Let us give you a solution: VR trainings!

Remember the formula step-by-step

In the case of training applications, it is all about safety and saving costs associated with the training itself. That is why VR has become ideal for creating various training simulations, regardless of the scenario. According to Forbes, almost 75% of the world’s valuable brands are taking advantage of industry-specific VR apps to increase customer satisfaction or improve employees’ performance.

Case study – Pharmacy Lab – Beyond the lab coat

Pharmacy Lab is a large pharmaceutical company aimed at teaching staff how to make appropriate use of any kind of laboratory equipment. In order to accelerate the self-learning process, we created a fully equipped virtual laboratory with unique hardware based on the client’s tech documents.

Our hyper-realistic app teaches the users step-by-step and verifies their knowledge on how to perform chemical tests. The whole training takes place even before entering the real lab. When the course ends, a fully automated exam program, generates report file and certificate. This application allowed client to avoid expensive consequences of human mistakes, teaching employees how to perform their task with maximum efficiency and minimum risk.

Learn dangerous jobs without risking your life

Virtual reality is the perfect environment for performing countless tests of safety procedures (especially in a hazardous environment). Thanks to the possibilities of modern equipment it is possible to display photo realistic graphics and use devices able to track our movements with high accuracy and ease of use. In short, we learn by recognizing the moves, distances or views – not our health nor life.

Case study – Tauron – A matter of life and death

Our client – TAURON Polska Energia S.A is one of the largest energy holding companies in Central Europe. Our challenge was to provide a safe step-by-step training course for a team that deals with risky activities – where the slightest mistake can lead to the operator’s death.

We have helped the client to create the scenario and complete the documentation. Once we had it all in place we were able to proceed with the proper development. We’ve created a professional skills training course for a specific job where the user must perform a series of operations in a specific order. What’s important, there is no need to take employees to a specific facility – the client can now conduct the training anytime and anywhere.

Take care of your employees

The huge potential of AR/VR trainings has been already noticed by corporations: Recent statistics show that market growth is projected to reach $2.8 billion by 2023. We believe that VR training courses should be mandatory for ALL workers, in order to avoid employee reluctance due to missing knowledge. It is also worth mentioning that such training courses make it possible to develop good habits in employees and are much more effective than standard forms of training.

Case study – DPD – Focus on your task

Our client – DPD – commissioned us to create a VR training which will eliminate downtime during work. Every employee should be aware of possible consequences of  their mistakes. The work on the sorting plant is divided into three separate modules, each concerning training the employees for a specific job role.

The application is being actively used in DPD recruitment and training processes. Possibility to add a gamification element  which can be used regardless of location, treats the app as a field of competition between agencies. The application is so promising that the client plans to implement further modules, for other positions or similar training, for other installations.

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