“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

This paper is going to address a somewhat unconventional topic –  books. Why? Because they show a regularity on social needs, and the essence of any business is to satisfy the needs. Of course, the needs are various, and we are not able to satisfy all of them, but that is not the point.

Studies show that the most popular book genre is … a how-to book. Why is that? One reason is that many people feel like improving in some areas or changing their life situations, overcoming some fears, or getting the motivation to act.

This creates interesting opportunities for the Virtual Reality (VR)-oriented training. For example, VR how-to training may include complex health and safety courses, interactive quizzes, study and practice of public speaking, self-presentation,  developing creativity exercises, learning sales techniques, and many others. All VR sessions can be optimized to specific requirements of the learners and aimed at effectiveness; all possible to perform anywhere and as many times as you need.

For all of us, access to the possibility of easy and ongoing VR training is important.  We are ready to pay for it because we realize that quality has its price. In return, we expect efficiency. The situation is similar in companies where workers gaining new competencies and skills, improve the quality of service. It has a positive effect on the image of the institution, motivates you to further action, and enhances creativity. The list of positive effects is very long. The same applies to VR training results. 

A conservative approach to the topic of improvement of your skills is not bad, but – from the perspective of modern VR technology, innovative solutions and tools – we can easily notice the limitations of traditional methods. Why not expect something more; why not try something new?

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