“Technology has to be invented or adopted.”

Jared Diamond

Investing in the industry of virtual reality development of products provides a unique opportunity to create business in the market areas that have not been developed yet. What sounds like  an abstract idea is a strategy created by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne under the name of Blue Ocean Strategy.

By saying that, business analysts do not mean any specific products, but they draw our attention to the potential  enterprises possess to create new businesses or restructure the existing ones with the help of virtual reality developers. According to Portal hbrp.pl  (2016), it is a model for creating new market space by conversion of non-customers into customers through ideas and analytical procedures that help business quickly and inexpensively liberate the  Blue Ocean of untapped talent and wasted energy.

This suggests that the use of innovative technologies (Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4) in our own institutions as well as in our surroundings can be an excellent example of management in the spirit of the Blue Ocean. It is believed that the essence of such strategy is innovation, focusing  on generating new values for customers and their own businesses.

Virtual Reality for Business

The development of Inspiration and creativity through VR can be achieved if VR products are used for virtual reality training purposes of the following, sales techniques, soft skills, health and safety, operating of machines and equipment, simulation games, and therapeutic programs.

This strategy follows a number of valuable principles that include changing boundaries of the current market, focusing on broad long-term vision and action,  and not only on strategic and operational indicators as well as looking for new opportunities outside the existing market.

Concluding, as soon as we take advantage of VR with the help of virtual reality firms and release our potential – competition becomes irrelevant because we create our own space in the market. This strategy allows you to react to changes quickly and implement actions bringing about the best results possible

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