Augmented and Virtual Reality can sound mysterious – even unnecessary – being considered by mainstream media as the source of entertainment and fun only. Web AR/VR pushes the industry one step further, fusing the functionality of applications with the ubiquity of a web browser. Today, we’d like to broaden your knowledge and show that this technology can also be useful for increasing the quality of one’s everyday life.

Long story short, the main advantage of the web based AR&VR is a great accessibility for building and experiencing VR and AR applications, even if user’s budget isn’t such impressive. Think about the huge success of Pokemon Go! (up to 800 mln downloads in 2018) – an AR app – and its astonishing compatibility with almost every smart device, equipped with a camera and a GPS.

Why so many..devices?

From now on you can reach all personal devices of your focus group directly, encouraging them to use the app. It’s a great opportunity to create new habits among your customers by providing the most useful AR/VR solutions. As a result, you’ll end up attracting even more users, creating new kind of content.

Case study – Lenovo – Time to show off!

Lenovo wanted to showcase their product in a very unusual way: focusing on both unique design and providing potential customers with the opportunity to become familiar with even the smallest details. After uploading a 3D  model, user should be able to take out particular animated elements, add description for any part or attach some arrows to them. Unluckily, highly customized approach would require a tremendous amount of time and resources.

Instead, we created hyper-realistic 3D models of the product and all of its components, taking care of even the smallest of detail and place them in a three-dimensional space (using very intuitive navigation). We also added an animation representing all the individual elements in action as well as the product’s structure. The effects of our work has been published on the manufacturer’s website, perfectly matching the style used throughout the corporation.

What’s more, the technology is more available for everyday users, adapting itself to a huge diversity of content including i.e.: shopping, traveling, training or relaxing. All you need is just a compatible browser and an AR/VR device, as a result you’ll receive up to 30% more engagement in your content.

Technology of tomorrow

Both technologies are considered as the most important trends in IT world so far, dramatically affecting the trajectory of technology usage. More and more developers feel empowered to build immersive experiences, pushing the whole industry into a more mature state. For example, AR has great potential for e-commerce because of its integration into every new consumer smartphone OS.

In the next few years the AR/VR compatible devices will provide fantastically designed and fully personalized experiences, more accessible to regular user’s budget. Advertising and marketing will utilize more real-time data based on user preference to dynamically affect messaging, colors, avatars, timing and placement. This change will affect the market dramatically, creating a hype for the new kind of device such as AR glasses (probably) as an alternative to the smartphone. Stay ahead one step before your competition and start creating astonishing AR projects dedicated for smartphone users only – letting them place digital objects anywhere by using phone camera!

Get the most of AR&VR

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