Future is digital. Digital is bringing the new level of engagement and e-commerce experience.

The Client gave us a challenge of creating a VR e-commerce application that would allow customers to make real purchases in virtual reality. Virtualization of purchases and VR e-commerce experience is a solution that currently the most recognized brands implement in their services nowadays. Now we can take the product into hands with help of our virtual controllers, see it on a 1:1 scale, and try it in the chosen environment.







3d modeling



HTC Vive

Unreal Engine

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Business value

The new vision of e-commerce

The client wanted an VR ecommerce application that would allow the customer to make real purchases in a virtual reality. The customer can test the use of selected products in an environment where they could really use them, check their parameters and view them in the smallest details.

The question is how to make e-commerce experience (online products or services) a substitute for real shopping experience? At the moment, the only thing we can do is look at the pictures, read the parameters and, based on this informations, make a decision about the purchase. But the future looks quite different. Virtualization of purchases + VR ecommerce experience is the solution that the most recognizable brands implement to their services nowadays.

It is not just about the possibility of building a new engagement with the client. Now we can take the product we are interested with help of our virtual controllers, see it on a 1:1 scale, and even try it in the chosen environment.

Process and project scope

VR & e-commerce experience

Technology Stack

The app sports photorealistic graphics made in 3ds Max. The application itself, in turn, was developed in Unreal Engine 4. This product was specially designed to run on HTC Vive devices.

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