The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

We are just at the beginning, and certainly, we cannot imagine all the possible applications of new products introduced by the Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality (AR/VR) industry. But those VR devices that have emerged so far are impressive. And they are going to be much, much better.

You may ask: what if not games? Well, it is worth paying attention to several industries that can see huge potential in developing new VR products and are beginning to offer VR services that – as they believe – will completely revolutionize the traditional market. Here are a few examples.

Let’s start with the health care industry, ranging from surgery, after the rehabilitation services to the treatment of mental illnesses like traumas.  In all these sectors of medicine, VR technologies have already been applied and, as we read, included in a number of future projects.

Then comes the entertainment industry, which has never had so much to offer as today. This is all because of new opportunities that come along with virtual reality technologies. Using the medium of VR headsets, we will be able to participate freely in most beautiful, most important sport and cultural events, or just sit in the cinema to watch a selected movie.

As the realm of culture is aboundant, it is also going to win our hearts with VR devices. Within a few moments, we can move to the Louvre or the British Museum to take a stroll through the corridors and have a close look at the selected works of art (which is difficult to achieve even in the reality) or maybe a moment of relaxation in some remote areas of the world? A few hours in Hawaii or shopping with friends in the shops, which we can enter and freely browse the latest collections of selected brands only by clicking on the button of our VR goggles – this is a completely different experience than thumbing through a catalog or scrolling web pages.

In 2015, as reported in Digi-Capital, investors put into the AR/VR market the amount of $ 700 million. It is expected that by 2020 this market will be worth of $120 billion. Regardless of whether we are fans of modern technology or not, it is happening and happening very quickly in front of our eyes. I guess that you can see that there is no better time for entrepreneurs to propose their customers something amazing but now.

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