To be frank, I’m a little surprised as 90% of the information that I found about the virtual reality is about new game productions. I do not deny the fact that thinking of new VR games and exploration of wonderful worlds gives me the chills. But I am also aware that outside the market of games amazing things do happen. Nevertheless, I anticipate that the first wave of VR (the upcoming two years) will bring mainly the commercial development of games. Unfortunately, the Innovative and often ground-breaking use of VR will still remain in the background for some time. Everyone expects a big WOW! effect, which the games industry is supposed to ensure. Let it be that way!

Of course, I understand that the possibilities are much greater than those promoted by the most prominent portals, but one has to start with something anyway. It is necessary to show that such a thing exists. Entertainment sells very well. However, those who deal with innovative solutions provided by VR and AR tools on a daily basis are well aware of the potential that lies in these devices. The VR users are just discovering these opportunities, and with time, they are going to appreciate the fact that through entertainment, they can achieve much more than they have imagined so far.

It is expected that in two years’ time we will face a new revolution. The second VR wave by when we will have fully examined the possibilities of  VR headsets and used them in a more conscious way. At the same time, the continuous development of technology and the emergence of new producers of VR goggles will significantly increase the number of active users of this technology. At this moment, it is difficult to predict how the world will change thanks to VR and AR. Anyway, we know that it will change. Let’s hope, it will be fun!

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