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I have just read that the French Sephora is the largest perfumery chain in the world. What is the largest perfumery chain doing? Of course, investing in virtual reality!

With face recognition technology, a woman can see how she looks in a particular shade of lipstick and if she is satisfied, she can immediately make a purchase online. Of course, emotions play an important role here, but that is the whole point. Could you previously without any effort, put on 20, 30 shades of lipsticks of different brands? Probably yes (if you are a woman), but now it is much easier and does not dry lips (?). Well, it is certainly healthier!

This is not the first application of Sephora.  Earlier, step by step, we could learn how to do a perfect makeup. Customization plays a key role here. Although the selection of VR products dedicated to women is still rather modest, I think the emotional attitude to reality makes them one of the most important consumers of modern technology.

Even now, sitting in an armchair, we can participate in major fashion shows. Soon, in the same way, we will be able to purchase selected collection. In stores, there will be a mirror that can scan our look and show our reflection in various available stylizations. Pure phygital! A few months ago the brand Tommy Hilfiger had started to install VR technology in their stores. Why? To impress and immerse their clients! They used the opportunity. Point for them. That is the way how shops in the near future will look like.

Just for example, a startup that consistently develops products dedicated to women. Fascinating!


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