Is sight important? Without a doubt. It’s considered as the most important of the senses and also the most difficult to repair. Although the value of surgeons’ skills has been already recognized, there are limits which modern medicine still cannot overcome. Of course, virtual reality is already used to create educational platforms and innovative training tools that support the practice of future surgeons. They do not need to practice on pigs. Literally.

In addition to serious eye diseases that require surgical intervention, we also find those that can be cured by appropriate exercises. It is a long process and often demanding (patience). Especially for children. Rehabilitation is usually accompanied by extreme discomfort – usually wearing ties on a healthy eye.

When we put on the VR goggles, the eyes are the first organ that comes in contact with the new reality. Therefore, medicine is looking for innovative solutions that in a nice way can help to overcome such problems. We already have goggles with an eye-tracking system, allowing you to rapidly diagnose problems connected with the unnatural movement of eyeballs. Oftentimes, such symptoms may not concern the vision itself, but their occurrence signals some other health problems. Getting back to the sight issues, you should know that

“Lazy eye” – is a disease that really exists! I found that the Latin name for this ailment is much more smarter: amblyopia. When I started reading about it, I was struck by the fact that playing computer games speeds up the healing processs. Could there be a better platform for training sight than the VR goggles then?

Eyesight is a very difficult issue. Not only in the context of VR. But with no doubts, VR goggles can do much good for various eye diseases. Certainly, they already do.

The specificity of VR goggles allows us to customize the conditions of displaying an image for each eye with slightly different parameters. We can exercise or go through our rehabilitation not being aware of our engagement in the treatment. All through play.


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