As far as I remember, the University of Colorado has launched  a program, Virtual Reality Initiative this year. Why? To provide its students with equal access to VR technology! Although I look up to Polish higher education, such news really surprise me. In a positive way, of course. There are places in the world where education and modern technology are combined. It is important to recognize the needs of the contemporary generation and provide it with the best tools ever. It is because the future belongs to people who are just entering the labor market with their own ideas.

Imagine, what do students who have free access to technology do? Of course, they invent! Sometimes crazy and impractical things, but often revolutionary and needed. They are searching for what is important to them, and, – if they do not find it – they want to create. Noah Nelson writes about the problem of technological education: EduTech, as it’s known to the insiders, is one of those corners of the tech industry that does not get rockstar level attention. To be frank, with contemporary innovative technological solutions, EduTech can become a star number one for news.

We should search for solutions to our businesses in a similar way. Give someone an appropriate inspiration – show the tools that can help the company to rise. Solutions and interesting concepts are born on the spot.

Today, we are talking about a veer in the entertainment industry, but can we imagine how international relations will look like in a few years? Perhaps one-day foreign ambassadors will meet one another and discuss key points of  their co-operation in virtual reality? Who knows!
By reaching for new tools, we find inspiration for our actions. But without the possibility of experience, we stay behind.  We observe how the world changes from a distance rather than hold it together and seize the opportunity.

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