We are looking for information, and we always see only a piece of it. We got used to perceiving the world from such a perspective, from a distance. We do not like to be heavily involved in something. We should understand that showing just a slice of reality is a great tool for manipulation. The question is, “What are we really looking for?”

There are places and situations when journalists and reporters would like to show us everything, but they cannot. They are immersed in a reality that deeply affects them; they want to share their emotions and show us the genius loci of a place. They want us to feel what they experienced, admiration, or fear. All this means that from the ordinary viewer, we become partakers of events. Certainly, not everyone will be able to bear it, but for many people, this will mean changing their worldview. Why?

Because we are citizens of the world. Thanks to new technologies, the world becomes more common than ever. We are connected, and this evolution is accelerating. We need to have a broader perspective and not just taking care of our backyards. We usually see what other people want us to see. However, there many individuals who, thanks to our technology (360 broadcasts), will provide us with possible objective knowledge of world events. It’s a step in the right direction.

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