I think for the majority of us the notion of home has rather positive associations. It gives a sense of security and intimacy. However, in certain circumstances, our house becomes a prison from which we do not want to run away. Or we just simply cannot.

We happen to face various situations in our lives, some are favorable, and some are not. One day, we can go bungee jumping, another day we need help to get to the bathroom. I am not talking about laziness but about a situation when our whole world shrinks to the size of our apartment. We are afraid, ashamed, or simply cannot get out of it. Maybe our bravado, bad luck, an illness, or old age and suddenly one stage of our life ends. Yet, so much is still there to see!

I think this is one of the most important medical applications of VR technology – helping people who are locked in their four walls. If the VR do not give them motivation or opportunity to change their status, it can give them an impression of participating in something distant they are missing. I imagine how much you can do for these people.

Nowadays, with the help of video360, they can take short trips to random places of our world or venture into some fantastic spots. What about traveling back in time? Or, would you like to set off on a journey to Mars or just into space?

In 2014, a group of students from Stanford University created an application for seniors SUSIE (Senior-Soothing Immersive User Experience), which allowed them to experience the outside world. Traveling by bicycle or walking on the beach, enhanced by the sound of the wind, and even temperature changes. The image was displayed on the screen. Now, the feeling of immersion in the virtual world will be even greater because of the VR goggles. All of this brings about one thought: VR can do a lot of good to people who really need help. Just look around.


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