CAVE Cave Automatic Virtual Environment. I’m thinking hard about how to compare it to VR goggles? Although they are completely different products, the assumptions are similar: convincing the user that he is in a different space, showing something that is not possible to see in the real world or just something real, but immaterial. So in one word: trick the senses … but in fact, Does it matter?

Some may say the scale (perspective), the freedom of movement, but it is only the first impression, associated with the idea of the device. CAVE is a place we can enter and while doing so, our movement is being tracked. At each change, the image dynamically adapts to our location. A large installation! VR goggles? With a few trinkets, in extreme cases, a piece of cardboard, and a telephone, we can dive into virtual reality. The scale is also not a problem –  a person in VR can experience the same feelings as someone in the real world.. Finally, we get the impression that CAVE is a space which closes us; whereas, VR is a space that is open. Both products had started their great adventure in the 90s of the twentieth century, but the coming years will belong to the supreme VR goggles.

This brief digression has been used to indicate that we always desire to make our fantasies true. Now we have a perfect tool to immerse in the worlds that thrive in our imagination. Let’s do it!

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