Our education largely depends on coincidence. We do not know what teachers we will have in a given course? Will they make a good impression on us? Will they inspire or discourage us? Will they have a gift to share their passion with us?

As always, there are great leaders among them who can explain difficult subjects to us in a simple way. Their charisma and gift of finding creative ways to transmit knowledge cannot be underestimated.


Certainly, there are many teachers to whom we could listen forever. Now it is possible. The brave and self-confident stream their lessons via the Internet. But what is coming is even more beautiful. Nearpod is one of the most interesting training applications and a comprehensive tool for education. This is the future. These VR tools are not to replace traditional education, but to improve it.

Optimization of teaching, flexibility, interactivity, engagement, imaging – this is something you do not meet in most schools, at least in our reality. It is just another remarkable example of the application of virtual reality to improve our knowledge and skills.


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