Everyone heard about EVE: Valkyria where you are an elite space fighter pilot, but there are many games that should turn our attention too. Many of them are ‘early-access’ games so it means that in a short time we will receive very interesting titles.

1. RAW Data

Raw Data is a first-person action game, can choose one of two characters – firearms Bishop or cyber-ninja Saija. They both have different abilities, eg. Throw the sword, slow down time and use telekinesis. Players can also hack into the database and improve weapons, and even summon allies, including defensive turret or guards. We also have a variety of enemies and powerful A.I.

2. Starship Survivor

Starship Survivor is a free-moving, unique strategic action shooter game with resource management, tower defense, and arcade elements.

Aboard the starship Ouroboros you wake up from cryogenic sleep. As the sole ex-Consortium crewmember, you were not injected with the test of loyalty serum. Your friends were not so lucky. The active virus in the serum mutated and transformed them into abhorrent monsters. The ship has turned against you. Your mission? Travel to the event horizon and leverage the crystal power source to go back in time to before the tragic events that killed your family.

While you were asleep, monsters consumed your ship’s energy source, a crystal of legendary origin. As you wake up from cryogenic sleep, you find yourself in a ship where nothing is as you remember. Monsters will spawn in the darkness and attempt to attack you and your defenses until you manage to restore power to the entire ship.

As you navigate through the many rooms in your ship, you will unlock new weapons and defensive structures. You will be able to build & upgrade towers to help defend rooms that you have already reclaimed. As you amass more crystals, you have to continually choose between stronger weapons or building defenses.

Your decisions matter: turning the lights on too quickly, and you will get overrun, but without power, you will be left in the darkness. Your defensive structures won’t work and are left to your flashlight and your keen sense of hearing when monsters creep up on you.

Starship Survivor is not a wave shooter. Each game features unique procedurally generated levels which are yours to explore. Starship Survivor is an equal parts shooter and strategy. Rooms are dark, and it’s up to you to restore power to the ship, build defensive structures, and upgrade your weapons. The closer you are to your goal, the fiercer your opponents become. They will steal your crystals and weaken you.

Built from the ground up for virtual reality, Starship Survivor is a suspenseful shooter that will immerse you in an action-packed experience you will not forget quickly.

Cool Features:

  • Big levels with free movement – NOT a wave shooter
  • Gather crystals and spend them!
  • Unlock various weapons and upgrade them with crystals
  • Suspenseful monsters. Darkness. Hear Footsteps. Sneaking up on you or attack in groups.
  • Unlock and build a variety of towers and weapons to defend the rooms you have conquered
  • Time travel generates new spaceship layouts through procedural algorithms, making each game a unique challenge
  • Monsters will try to destroy your defenses and reclaim rooms

3. Space Pirate Trainer

Game developers ensure that this is the official tutorial for space pirates, modeled on the classic arcade productions. Yes, this is the wave shooter – you have to fend off the constant attacks of the enemy robots. You can use many weapons and special abilities. It is the only way you can acquire all the necessary skills of space pirate!

4. Arizona Sunshine

Have you ever heard of a zombie apocalypse? Here, on this sun-scorched desert, you will experience the real, I mean virtually!

What is your job? when you hear that besides you there are other survivors, desperately trying to find them. But you have to be careful, supplies of food and ammunition are limited. Use them wisely. Fortunately, you have at your disposal 25 types of weapons, which will help you in the fight against the undead!

You can freely explore your surroundings, among canyons, and abandoned mines. You can play a campaign or switch to multiplayer mode, which gives really a lot of fun.

5. Sairento VR

“Built for non-stop slash and shoot action, Sairento aims to set a new standard in VR games in terms of excitement and engagement.”

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