Time to sum up: 2018

It’s been an exciting year! The disruptive impact of AR and VR is being felt across consumer technologies as dozens of new products enter the market.  We encourage you to explore how our costumers took advantage of this tendency by choosing our studio to create most engaging VR/AR applications. 


1. Experience the thrill: VR presentation for NASDAQ


The Nasdaq Stock Market is the second-largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization, just behind the New York Stock Exchange, located in the same city. Our challenge was to create a highly detailed virtual copy of famous Studio A, known for The Nasdaq Opening and Closing Bells. The ceremony announces new corporations, which decided to go public.


In order to to recreate the thrilling atmosphere and a variety of strong emotions that accompany studio’s workers in their daily work, we focused on creating hyper-realistic VR environment – which imitates the real interior (including i.e. the lightning system or characteristic curved wall of screens). The final presentation imitates the movement of real broadcasting cameras – showing the studio at the wider perspective – helping our client with promoting the studio across the country.  


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2. Safety goes first: VR training for Polish Mining Group


The Company strives for raising the effectiveness and optimizing the production costs, maintaining high standards of environment protection, as well as health and safety issues.



As a key partner in building the energy security of Poland, the client asked us to develop a training application which decreases the number of underground accidents. The VR training simulation  is to include all known scenarios leading to injuries, teaching miners the correct order of security operations. We combined realistic sounds of working machines with detailed graphics (based on real pictures) of the mining area and equipment – creating a highly immersive simulation of working conditions. The application successfully facilitates every health and safety training, decreasing the cost of training by eliminating the necessity of going down the mine (which cost 30 min one way and can distract other miners).


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3. Rehabilitation can be fun : Magicmoovr (VR game)


This project aims to research, design and develop a virtual reality video game that helps patients to get better in the comfort of their own homes. An application adapting to the physical ability of the VR player, bringing fun all members of the family, including kids. Patient can use it with Leap Motion’s upcoming 180 degree field of view (FOV) hand-tracker at SXSW. We are proud that with our help it is possible to create a world where you can recover from a stroke using VR!



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4. Take care of your friend: Pet Drawer (AR)


Our client – an international toy manufacturer – wanted us to support his promotional activities by creating a mobile application related to his products. To do so, he challenged us to recreate a digital pet – “Tamagotchi” in augmented reality. It should be highly interactive, having a tendency to explore any environment showed on camera.



Due to the client’s area of activity, we decided that it would be best to create it using ARKit technology. It was also important to focus on animals which can be purchased on client’s store – showing it in a friendly and attractive way. The three-dimensional pet wanders around the area, where we can play with him, stroke or even feed him. The presented application can very easily become a freemium product, where we can buy additional accessories.


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5. See the beauty of the word: VR Shopping Experience (VR for e-commerce)


The client – one of the biggest retail corporations – wanted an application that would allow the customer to make real purchases in a virtual reality. The consumer can try out selected products in an environment where they could really use them, check their parameters and view them in the smallest details.



All items have been modeled in the appropriate scale. If the customer in a virtual experience will take them in his hand, their size will correspond to the actual dimension of the item. The whole experience was created to be pleasant and engaging.

We believe that VR and AR are the natural evolution of e-commerce – with the growing popularity of new technologies. In a world where everyone reads reviews or looks at photos before buying, VR and AR could allow consumers to get a 360-degree view of a product before actually purchasing it. The technology is worth implementing or testing their practical applications in any kind of business.


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