Without Competitiveness There Is No Success

Who nowadays has enough time to stroll through the city to visit local shops, hidden in a maze of streets. What these shops have to offer is far from big brand shops, which are systematically changing assortment and cooperating with well-known designers.

Today, we need all-in-one services to save our time. And, if accidentally we go to our local area, we can see how much it has changed. Some of the shops have vanished or changed into something else. A few months later we are likely to see another change. We live in times where shopping malls have become too competitive for small shops to win the race.

It seems that the process intensifies, and we cannot predict the finale – we only see current effects. If we recall some concerns we had in the context of building shopping malls as a threat to small stores, we see that our fears were reasonable. Small and local shop owners who did not have time to take advantage of some opportunities – lost their businesses or had to change the line of work. The phenomenon was impossible to prevent.

Today, we have similar concerns about virtual reality sectors, both entertainment, and services. However, part of the VR market certainly assumes that the changes will not be so drastic. They think that after a temporary boom, everything will return to normal … Well, it may happen this way, but we cannot be sure. Maybe one day, with the passing time, all the prosperous malls will lose their popularity… The question is how many of us – business developers – are able to wait without harm? How could we become more competitive? Could virtual reality technology be helpful?

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