Physical education is an important part of our culture. Sport is one of the areas where it is difficult to find a substitute for hard work. It seems that in this industry the  focus on modern technology is relatively low when compared with exercise equipment. However, the latest news from the world of VR innovations prove that I may be wrong.

Until now (in the context of sports), much attention has been focused on a 360 streaming. Sitting comfortably at home, we can, in seconds, find ourselves in the stands, watching a spectacular match in the first row and truly feel the atmosphere of the place, as if we really were there. I can see that  manufacturers of various equipment and devices compete with one another to create special cameras adapted to such needs. It’s a great tool, but it is mainly dedicated to consumers.

However, you can see that recently, VR devices have caught the interest of those who are involved in the training of players. Therefore, more and more VR devices are designed for sports training purposes. The aim of the innovative training solutions is to improve the effectiveness of fitness training.

We could have already seen quarterbacks practice in American football. They learn strategy and decision-making, depending on the players on the field. Another project is being tested for baseball players.

The awareness of new possibilities the individuals who implement sport VR training programs for their teams have is amazing. They always see a place to improve the results of their work. If VR can help you – you have to use it. At the same time, they do not claim that the solutions offered by innovative tools are as good as they should be, but it does not interfere with their use. If something affects the results – it means that it is good and even necessary.

Sport VR innovations will never replace the real experience that is acquired on the pitch, but it allows you to repeat the procedure hundreds of times in a pleasant way. If not for muscles, at least for the brain!

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