2021 was a year of intensive growth, both in terms of expanding our workforce and improving revenue. We’ve achieved a 100% increase in the number of our employees and income compared to last year. Having said that, we’d like to start the year 2022 by introducing our new Chairman of the Board – Jolanta Kubatek. She has full support from our shareholders and the former board of directors.

Jolanta is a dedicated and talented manager. During the 16 years of her professional experience, she has established and led marketing departments in several industries. Having started as Marketing Manager, she quickly became Chief Communications Officer at 4Experience. For the past 2 years, she’s also part of the strategic team responsible for setting the course of action for the whole company.

We conducted a short interview with Jola, in which she spoke about her first impressions of being CEO, 4Experience’s biggest advantages, the recent growth of the company and plans for the future. Let’s find out what she had to say!

Jola, it’s nice to see you again! I’m glad you found time to talk about your new role and the strategy for future development. What are your first impressions?

My pleasure! First of all, I feel honored to be chosen for this position and given all the trust from the company owners. On the other hand, I am aware of the responsibilities that lay ahead. When it comes to pursuing strategic goals and fulfilling our company’s mission, all that is inscribed in my DNA.

CEO and Chairman are positions of responsibility. How are you finding your new role?

Well, I would like to thank the company owners for their trust and for handing over the reins. For the first time in the history of our company the Chairman of the Board has been chosen from amongst the employees. It proves openness to changes and new directions. It’s a pleasure to work in such an atmosphere of partnership and mutual trust.

When it comes to my new position in the company, I am first and foremost aware of the responsibilities I am undertaking. They include managing the finances and employees, but also planning and executing the business strategy for the years to come.

I am confident about the future of 4Experience. Our company values, which I truly believe in, should set a good pace and course for our operations, just as they have done in the past. Thanks to this we will be able to use our full potential and achieve great results!

Sounds great! So what makes a good leader in your opinion?

For me, a good leader, above all, helps his team members grow and supports them in their daily activities. He doesn’t see himself as infallible, instead learning from his mistakes and treating them as a source of knowledge. A good leader has a holistic approach to business, listens to other people, takes their opinion into account and leads by example.

Respect for colleagues and clients should come naturally. A good work environment facilitates such an attitude. At 4Experience, we work as a team and there is no place for authoritarianism. Thanks to this approach and a good example set by our leaders we continue building an ownership culture and supporting each other while taking full responsibility for what goes on in our organization.

A good leader does not set tasks, he allows people to release their potential and supports them. He serves people.

Such an approach surely creates a positive atmosphere and that translates into high productivity and flawless execution of everyday tasks. What else makes  4Experience stand out?

Our biggest advantage from an employee’s perspective is the positive atmosphere – at least that’s what our cyclic research indicates. No less important is the satisfaction from taking part in exciting new projects. This clears the way for personal development.

What’s more, our clients regularly express appreciation of our team’s work. Our research shows that they value 4Experience for good communication and availability of experienced professionals. There is a reason why we score high in places like Clutch, which is a worldwide software vendors’ catalog. Those high scores are based primarily on customer satisfaction.

From a business perspective, our biggest strengths are:

  • an offer tailored to the actual needs of our target clientele
  • business consulting (finding opportunities, planning and project development)
  • treating changes in the market as new opportunities

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic drove us to develop new methods of work and communication. It also taught us to pay special attention to good relations and the well-being of our community. 

That’s good to hear! Tell us, how has 4Experience grown in recent years?

We went through a transformation – from a small studio dedicated to virtual reality, we became a medium-sized company that holistically develops broadly understood interactive 3D applications. What’s important, we don’t close ourselves to one or two specific industries because we see potential in and successfully carry out projects for all business sectors.

Would you like to tell us more about the plans for development? The recently completed ones and future arrangements.

I’m proud to announce that our recently revised offer will now include several new services and ready solutions. Amongst them are the latest technologies like AI & machine learning, development metaverse platforms (all their components and NFT solutions), team augmentation as well as 3D graphic design and animations. This new range of services was established with consideration of our staff’s experience so that we will be able to provide top-of-the-line solutions from the very beginning.

Expanding our offer is one thing. But developing our team is just as important. Since last year, our managers have had the opportunity to participate in training sessions aimed at improving their soft skills, which are so important in today’s dynamic VUCA world. We value feedback which allows us to improve our work and we run several developmental initiatives with more coming.

The right people in the right positions are the greatest company value.

We’ll certainly pay particular attention to security and the financial conditions of our company while simultaneously supporting new initiatives. I will make no bones about it, our plans are really ambitious. The following 3 years will be a period of growth in many aspects, an era of demanding challenges and exciting opportunities.

The current market dynamic is a chance for us to make progress in a number of fields and sparks lively interest which we use when planning new strategic operations with the team.

That sounds encouraging. It’s time for our final question: what advice would you give to individuals who’d like to broaden their horizons and grow professionally?

Be curious, ask questions, challenge established ideas. These three elements drive creativity and propel you to come up with new solutions. Listen to what your partners and associates have to say. Seek inspiration in written works and people who have already succeeded.

Moreover, be faithful to your values as that will make you come across as authentic. Be courageous, take advantage of opportunities and don’t forget about empathy towards others. Finally, look after your company, its community and always make sure your work is of supreme quality.

Thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best in your future ventures!

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