In February 2015 a company called LUCI immers that no one had heard of created their first prototype HMD device, which wasn’t very impressive looking but had a solid concept, create a lightweight head-mounted display that can be used just about anywhere and won’t break the bank but still provides you good quality visuals and high resolutions.

Now 4 years later we might just be getting a device that fits that perfectly.

When are we seeing it?

Scheduled to ship come August 2019, these devices are boasting some pretty good specs.

Having an Ergonomic and Compact Design while promising Stunning Visual Experience, a 1023” Giant Virtual Screen with 3840*1080 Resolution at 3147 PPI (Pixel-Per-Inch), it also spots a 100K: 1 Contrast Ratio and is Plug and Play via USB-C Connector.

The best part is that it can be connected to Your Smartphone, Laptop, Game Console.

Needless to say, those specs promise an excellent viewing experience to enjoy VR content but it should be noted that in the world of VR this is an HMD, not a full VR Headset. It’s not going to be a replacement for your Oculus Rift or other mainstream VR headsets.

This doesn’t mean the experience isn’t worth it, as using will be a better experience than watching your normal flat Tv at home. It is a very good way to consume video content from a variety of devices, LUCI immers should allow you to enjoy all forms of 2D, 3D, 4K, 8K, and 360° content.

Luci immers: let’s talk about the price

It’s currently available in three styles, The Glasses which is similar to the Google glasses in that it comes in a glasses frame, the Crown as the name implies, mounted with a forehead strap, and finally the HeadBand.

While the difference here is what mounting options you prefer, the company is aiming to provide hardware that can be carried along during your workday or with you on flights.

It has gained a substantial following in its Indigogo campaign by raising over $500k USD from its initial goal of just $25k USD with each unit starting from around $499 to $649 for the Indigogo Exclusive variant. This shows that there is a very large interest in having lightweight HMD.

Interested? If so, keep in mind that shipping of the devices are scheduled for early August 2019.

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