Yes yes, I know what you are thinking: what the hell is hybrid reality? Well, the more common name is mixed reality but ‘hybrid’ sounds just more “wow!” isn’t it?


.I just like the phrase, that hybrid reality is human, computer, and environment interaction set on the whole new level. It is also, undoubtedly, a sign of our times when even the boundaries between the virtual and the real are no longer so clear. The new generation of MR (mixed reality, hybrid reality) devices, which offer new revolutionary solutions, is now officially available.

What has changed?

As in any case, VR, AR and MR need specialized equipment to show what we want to show with our digital poetry. Only the degree of immersion is different. Only imagination is the limit. If you think equipment prices are a barrier, you are wrong. Yesterday such argument could have matter, but tomorrow it will be completely unfounded.


.New appliances are emerging and will soon become available to most users and businesses. Not only for the chosen. It is the right time to start to think about the benefits your business will achieve with this new technology. The simplest of course are financial benefits, especially for businesses that use (or work with) visualization or specialized training.

All of these changes happen relatively quickly and even if we regard VR, AR, and hybrid reality technology as something elitist remember that in the case of smartphones we have a similar phenomenon. A few years ago no one saw the reason to have a smartphone until at some point everything changed. It became a product available to everyone because its price and capabilities have become satisfactory.  

This change could not be stopped. And look what happened with big corporations that missed this revolution – Nokia and Blackberry for instance. Now we can not imagine our life without modern phones, which have replaced many everyday devices. Changing the way we think about this technology took us very little time. The virtual reality (is) will be the same phenomenon. And this change in the market may even be faster than for smartphones.

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.What I like about business in MR is the participation of many people (customers and resellers) in the same experience but in real space. Why is this important? Because it allows you to maintain contact with the customer. The customer does not disappear in the virtual world. We participate in the presentation of the service. Together.

Over the coming years, the world will become even more connected, we will have even greater access to information, and all we need is tools – the right interface that will enable us to use these capabilities in every area of ​​our lives.

We wear glasses and we are at the center of the information and entertainment universe. In the near future no one will be surprised when they see a person wearing MR glasses on the street.


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