“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
   Benjamin Disraeli

It is amazing how big ideas come to people’s minds in the context of the VR revolution! How much they (inventors and enthusiasts) want to immerse themselves (and us) into the virtual world of entertainment, services, and other experiences! And this is just the first year when consumer versions of devices to dive into the virtual world go straight to in our hands.

Startups and crowdfunding platforms, where innovative projects are financed by the community, are filling up slowly with more or less original ideas that can provide a deeper and more pleasant experience of virtual worlds. What do they offer? They improve the control of our avatar, increase our opportunities to interact with the created digital world (which game and training application developers can use successfully at a later time). It is likely that current limitations will begin to fade slowly, and we will be able to respond more naturally and instinctively. In the near future, the experience from the world of VR will be transferred to our physical body – it is just amazing.

For example,

  • ARAIG is a suit that allows your body to feel experiences from games
  • or GEST, which transfers the movement of our fingers to the VR world.

This is the beginning of the VRenaissance, and remember that this technology has not reached a commercial market yet. What’s next? We do not know, but it is definitely worth waiting for!


Let’s see how the interest in trends increased at the end of 2015. If companies such as Google, Facebook, Samsung, Sony, Apple, and HTC are working on similar devices – it can not be otherwise. This can be a great indicator for people looking for innovative solutions for their business.

We live in a world where access to technology is no longer limited for the chosen ones, and novelties spread instantly all over the world. We do not have to wait for months or even years for new toys! Once it was letters, telegraphs, and telephones. Now, we are connected to the net all the time and the news are regularly updated. We know what is happening in technology, culture, or politics … Whether we like it or not, this is the environment in which our businesses operate. Do you expect to keep pace with the leaders who have already started their adventure with the VR tools?
Returning to innovation: we do not know whether in fact, all the amazing gadgets will prove to be a spectacular success, but who does not try, does not make mistakes… and does not win either. And in light of statistics, the chance of failure decreases with each passing day … It’s up to you whether you will or won’t miss your big chance!

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